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If you are frustrated by trying to find the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony or reception in Las Vegas, look no further. The Little Vegas Wedding Venue and Reception Directory is here to help! You can filter and browse our directory by price, style, capacity and more, all over Las Vegas. While this guide does cover hotel venues and chapels, it focuses more on the unique, the modern and the offbeat. Over 250 venues appear, including museums, awesome suites, industrial style spaces, mansions perfect for private events, as well as restaurants that are great for smaller wedding receptions.

Please note: I work on this guide and maintain it myself. Venues appearing in this guide have not paid to appear here. The guide is always changing and being updated. When possible, I try to visit the venues myself, but it can be a challenge with so many of them. So if you spot an error or have an update, contact me! kelly AT littlevegaswedding DOT com I appreciate the help!

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