You know those little ideas you get in your head that just fester away, bugging you until you do them? I get about four of those a week, most of them about Little Vegas Wedding. Some of them are stored away to think about some more, and others, I feel like I need to have done yesterday. So I start working on them. And working on them…and working on them some more.

Such is the case with this great new feature I have wanted to have on the site since, well before I started Little Vegas Wedding. I have always wanted a venue guide on the site that was searchable, friendly, and knowledgable. One I knew I could use myself to browse different venues for weddings in Las Vegas. And not just sorted by location or cost, either. I wanted to be able to find unique spots by theme, places that are hard to find out about, but are worth digging around for. You know: modern museums, loft-style wedding venues, the rustic ranches and sweet spots in the desert.

And I knew you wanted it, too. I have been getting more and more emails asking me what the coolest, the best, the most memorable wedding venues in Vegas are. Or, just where to start looking. So…introducing the all-new and improved Little Vegas Wedding Venue and Reception Guide!


Vegas Wedding Venue Guide How-To

Each listing has some key information, including a photo (usually from a real event or a photo I took myself) a description, costs, capacities and links to more information as well as links to a Venue Spotlight post (if applicable) and any real weddings held at the venue posted on the site.

The reason there isn’t a Venue Spotlight post up today is because I spent all of today just polishing little bits and pieces in the venue directory, which I’ve been working on since just about Christmas time. It was supposed to be finished weeks ago, but turns out it’s not even close to being done yet. You’ll notice there are some links that aren’t active yet. There are some 150 venues in the guide right now, but I still have another 125 or more to add. And I’m doing this all myself, so it’s a little slow going. Forgive me.

But I have my tea, House of Cards playing on Netflix, and the knowledge that (hopefully) at least one of you, dear readers, will find this new feature useful and come away with the perfect Vegas wedding venue for you. The one that is right for your budget, for your guest list size and for your overall wedding vision.

Please, have a look around the new guide and let me know what you think. And come back often, because there are new additions every day, and little tweaks being made here and there.

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  1. Rissa

    This is so great! Very helpful for brides and grooms to have an overall picture of what is available in Las Vegas. Feel free to reach out if you need help with any of this; we have lots of venue info :)

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