While I would have everyone in the world get married in Las Vegas, I realize that’s just not possible. But if you don’t get hitched in Vegas, maybe you can get engaged there!

Valentines Day is one of the most popular times to visit Las Vegas – the temperature is moderate, there are usually deals to be had and there are always fabulous events going on, in restaurants and in the hotels themselves.

Valentines Day is also a very popular day for men and women to pop the question. (Yeah I’m equal opportunity. Maybe I’ll tell the story of how I asked my husband to marry me one day.) Luckily Las Vegas has a multitude of romantic failsafes that see thousands of proposals a year, from the Bellagio Fountains to the Eiffel Tower at Paris to the gondolas at the Venetian. But we’re all about the extraordinary here at Little Vegas Wedding, so here are a few great and a little unusual ideas and places to get engaged in Las Vegas!

UPDATE: You might like to read this article with 19 Perfect Proposal Ideas to Pull Off in Las Vegas!

1. Nature lovers
Mt Charleston, Clark County Wetlands and the Valley of Fire are all great choices for a day outing, ending with a picnic lunch and a proposal. Here are some parks if those don’t suit you. All allow picnics. Make a picnic lunch at home, or piece one together from Whole Foods!

Good For: Outdoorsy folk
Not So Good For: Fancy footweared folk (tell your wife or husband to be where you are going first!)

2. Attention Seekers

This option is no longer available. The company asked for its removal from this list. Sorry!

The Edge Mandarin Oriental Bar | Little Vegas Wedding Venue Guide

3. Quiet Solitude
While sitting in Mandarin Oriental’s sky bar enjoying the custom-made, seasonal cocktails, I thought “Damn, this would be a great place to ask your partner to marry you.” You could even make it inventive, as the bar has a number of board games you could work into the equation. The staff seemed super helpful there too, and I’ll bet they would bend over backwards for an engagement. Intimate with stunning views, this is a great place for just a drink, too.

Good For: Classy dames and gentlemen
Not So Good For: Those who do not like heights

4. Romantic restaurant
There are a million restaurants in Las Vegas, so maybe this isn’t the most original way to pop the question, but I thought  a cute way to do it would be to go to Le Cirque, where at the end of the meal they give guest a little “chest of drawers” with truffles in it. You could ask them to replace the truffles with a ring and … voila! Another fun way would be to ask the staff to help you utilize the bread or dessert carts at Guy Savoy or Joel Robuchon. Super memorable for someone who loves food!
Examples: Twist, Le Cirque, Guy Savoy, Joel Robuchon, Mon Ami Gabi, Mix, Hash House A Go Go (okay, depends on your type of romance).

Good For: Food lovers
Not So Good For: People with nervous stomachs

Lake Las Vegas Gondolas | Little Vegas Wedding Venue Guide

 5. Waterfront
Want to head to Europe but can’t afford the flight? Take off to Lake Las Vegas! This European-inspired lakeside “town” has a multitude of options, from boating and gondola rides to walking around the romantic Montelago Village, all available for the perfect proposal moment.

Good For: Water lovers
Not So Good For: Non-swimmers

6. Fancy Suite
Cosmopolitan has some amazing wrap around balcony suites with incredible views of Las Vegas. Surprise him or her by having champagne ready, walk out to the balcony and pop the question!  Then it’s down to a bar to enjoy the afterglow. Or just stay in the room…

Good For: Hotel freaks
Not So Good For: People on a budget

7. Gamers

pinball hall of fame proposal

The Pinball Hall of Fame is a great place for dates, so why not proposals, too? The minimal decor may leave a little to be desired, but hopefully that will all be forgotten as your boyfriend or girlfriend reaches into the coin slot of a pinball machine or video game machine to retrieve a quarter…and finds a ring instead.

Good For: Pinball wizards
Not So Good For: Non-gamers

8. Edgy
Update: Unfortuantely, the Goretorium closed in 2013. Eli Roth’s Goretorium does weddings, but they have also hosted proposals, too, like this one on New Years Eve. You might set something up with the actors in the Goretorium, just be careful about picking the right moment, when she’s not mid scream!

Good For: Scream Queens
Not So Good For: Jumpy people

9. Gamblers 

Good For: Gamblers
Not So Good For: Gamblers

10. Underwater Proposal
Well, underwater in the sense that your hand is underwater. Arrange with the staff of Mandalay Bay Shark Reef to “help you” at the touch pool, while secretly handing the ring off to you, which you magically pull out of the water. Just don’t drop the ring…

Good For: Aquatic lovers
Not So Good For: Those scared of sea cucumbers (what ARE they anyways??)

Failsafe Option:
Pick a location that is sentimental to you! Do you have a favorite restaurant, spot or memory to recall? That’s the perfect proposal spot. Here are some tips you might like to consider once you have picked a spot:

  • You are one of the people that knows your boyfriend or girlfriend best, so think about what they would like. Some people are really into that public display, and others prefer a very intimate moment to stay so
  • Consider that this story will be told and retold many many times. Deeeeeply consider this
  • Spend some time thinking about what you are going to say
  • Think about hiring a photographer to capture the  moment
  • When it really comes down to it, it’s not where you are, it’s who you are with

There are so many other options available – what’s your favorite spot?

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