As Valentine’s Day draws closer, some of you might be thinking about popping the question. Well, maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while, but now seems like the best time to put it into action. Your proposal doesn’t need to be a flashmob broadcast on YouTube or national television to be effective or memorable. In fact, unless you know for absolute certain your partner wants a very public proposal (how? by them saying, “I want a very public proposal!”) chances are a more simple and private one will work just as well.

Here are some admittedly low-key, but romantic and thoughtful ways to propose in the Las Vegas area. Be sure to check back Thursday for our list of tips on how to make sure your proposal is polished, personal and, well, perfect!

Hot Air Balloon Proposal | Little Vegas Wedding
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1. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride
A good one for early birds and morning lovers, the hot air balloon ride (priced from $199) includes a one hour ride, light champagne breakfast and stunning views of a sunrise over the Vegas valley. And of course: the perfect opportunity to ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage.

2. Play Tourist
This is a great one to involve a photographer as the moment happens. Book a limo (I recommend Presidential Limousine) or a walking tour guide and have the driver or guide bring you to a spot where you’ve arranged a photographer to be waiting for you to ask the question. Suggestions, depending on how private your partner is, might be the base of the Eiffel Tower, Welcome to Las Vegas sign, downtown on Fremont, the Brooklyn Bridge at New York New York or outside the Mirage Volcano.

3. Foodie Proposal 
Much along the same lines as the walking or limo tour, book a food tour with The Walking Gourmet on The Strip. The tours take a few hours, with four to five restaurant stops and several tastings and drinks at each location. At a pre-chosen restaurant venue, have a photographer there to capture the moment!

Room Service Proposal | Little Vegas Wedding
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4. Delicious Delivery Proposal 
Arrange to have breakfast delivered to your hotel room one morning, and ask for an extra plate and plate cover dome, and perhaps a bottle of champagne. Slip the ring and box under the extra plate cover and wait until it’s uncovered. If you know your partner isn’t a morning person arrange for breakfast for dinner instead.

5. Wild Kingdom Proposal
Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at Mirage offers private VIP tours three times a day. Book one, and learn about the exotic animals there like panthers, leopards, white lions and tigers, before proposing as the majestic creatures look on.

6. Capture it in a Caricature
Las Vegas has a number of options when it comes to caricaturists, so why not turn the proposal into a piece of art of the moment? Working with a caricaturist, arrange to have them appear or approach their booth a bit ahead of time to give them the heads up on your proposal. When it comes time to sketch you after you suggest getting one while “walking by,” they can add in a speech bubble saying “Will You Marry Me?” and that’s when the magic happens. Caricature booths are available in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, New York New York and on the observation level of Stratosphere. However, I like the idea of hiring Las Vegas-based caricaturist Jessica from Girl Who Drew You. She’s helped dozens of couples get engaged over her career. When I asked her about caricature proposals she wrote: “I’ve never seen a bride say no, I’ve never seen anyone be surprised in a bad way. And every single one of those couples still has their drawing framed and hanging on their wall today.” Perfect, if you ask me!

Bellagion Fountains Proposal | Little Vegas Wedding
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7. Bellagio Fountain Proposal
The area around Bellagio is iconic and photogenic, making it a very popular spot for getting down on one knee. However it’s also noisy, very popular and very public. Instead scout out one of the more private spots: a table in Hyde lounge, a spot to the south of the fountains just before the moving walkways, at the top of escalators that are under the Bellagio marquee just before Cosmopolitan. Also the private spot just outside the main Bellagio valet doors on a balcony is a slightly better spot than right in front of the fountains. If you visit concierge, they will let you know what songs are playing that day and when, or you could use this list to narrow down the options (click on “fountain music list” in the middle of the page)

Bellagio also runs more “official” proposal packages with more privacy. Taking place on the secluded Terrazza Di Sogno, the $1000 package overlooks the fountains and includes roses and rose petals, champagne, chocolate and a tote bag.

8. Scenic Proposal at Stratosphere
Level 112 of the Stratosphere (the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River) hosts this private proposal package on their balcony. Not only does it include stunning views of the Vegas valley but champagne and a red rose, for $375.

9. Love on the Canals
Venetian offers gondola proposals starting at $500, including roses, photography and a planner to help you work out the details.

10. For Outdoors Lovers
Arrange for a short hike around the gorgeous scenery at Red Rock Canyon, just 30 minutes off Strip, easily reachable in a rental car or with a town car and driver. Pack a bottle of bubbly, the ring and pop the question surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and nature.

11. Make it Magical
Hire a local magician, then arrange for them to be at a certain spot along The Strip as you are out walking as a “surprise.” Have them turn a magic trick or illusion into a proposal for you, by making the ring box appear, where you then get down to ask the question.

12. Surprise Delivery
Have hotel concierge find a large box for you to fit in, and wrap it up. When you are ready, step out of the room for a minute to “run an errand,” and get into the waiting box. Have a bell boy “deliver” you to the hotel room a few minutes later where you pop out and pop the question!

13. Romantic Scavenger Hunt 
Set up a scavenger hunt where your partner has to complete a number of tasks such as collect a chip from a certain casino, buy an item from an Art-o-Mat machine at Cosmopolitan, take a photo with the wax figure outside Madame Tussaud’s at Venetian, collect a brochure from any wedding chapel and so on. Finally, provide instructions for meeting you back at a restaurant or your hotel suite, which you have used the time during the hunt to get all decorated up (see below for examples.)

Romantic Proposal | Little Vegas Wedding
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14. Such a Suite Proposal
After you’ve sent your partner out on a scavenger hunt or they return from shopping or being out of the hotel room, turn off all the lights in the room and put on some soft music, perhaps a mix of your partner’s favorite songs. Make a trail of candles (probably best to go LED or flameless while you are in a hotel) and a mix of sentimental mementos from your relationship together you brought with you (think love notes given to one another, photos of each other from key moments and other memorabilia.) At the end of the trail is you…with the ring.

15. Flight of Love Proposal
Sky Combat Ace offers flights for two over The Strip in their 50 Shades of Vegas tour. For $599 per couple, this 30 minute flight in an open-cockpit vintage 1930s-style biplane takes you on an unforgettable night flight filled with stunning aerial views of the neon-illuminated city. Includes limo transport to the airport, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Pop the question when you get back to earth in this amazingly memorable option.

16. Picnic in the Park
There are so many gorgeous parks in and around Las Vegas that are perfect for a proposal. Sunrise Picnic Area in the Wetlands Park, Spring Mountain Ranch, Lorenzi Park, Floyd Lamb at Tule Springs, Sunset Park by McCarran Airport and the area around Lake Las Vegas are fantastic spots to set up a romantic picnic and ask the big question. What to include in the picnic basket? Some sandwiches, favorite chips or snacks, a bottle of wine or fancy sodas and of course a sweet treat: cupcakes or cookies from Retro Bakery perhaps? Just don’t forget the ring!

17. Pampered Proposal
Arrange a spa visit for your loved one with a massage, makeup application and hairstyle or manicure/pedicure and then have the room decorated and ready for their return.

Mob Museum Proposal | Little Vegas Wedding
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18. Take it Downtown
The Mob Museum (coincidentally celebrating its two year anniversary on February 14) has an absolutely awesome option for a proposal: their custom dot screen! This historic building in downtown Las Vegas can give you a great opportunity for a memorable date as you tour the museum and learn about mafia history, ending with a personalized proposal question on the dot wall on the first floor.

19. Just Say Oui!
Although some people propose 46 stories up at the top of the Eiffel Tower replica at Paris Las Vegas, that has the same problems any public proposal on The Strip does: lots of people and little privacy. Luckily, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant has a proposal package including a spectacular view of the Strip and Bellagio fountains from the comfort and privacy of a windowside table, a French tasting menu with wine pairing and roses, priced from $500 per couple. (Lunchtime proposals are available from $250 per couple.) They can also throw in a surprise delivery for the ring in a dessert or a souvenir Eiffel Tower ring box for an additional fee.

If All That Fails to Inspire
Stuck for ideas? That’s okay, Las Vegas is a service-oriented town and there are many planners and concierge staff who will help you do almost everything…except for ask the question itself! If you are still running dry on ideas for the perfect way to propose, Las Vegas wedding planners Lilian Goh and Andrea Eppolito specialize in proposal planning. They are certain to offer some romantic ideas and can do all the planning and execution for you, taking care of the stress!