UPDATE: This list was written in 2013, and things have changed substantially in the Las Vegas restaurant scene. I hope to update this list soon.

From an intimate post-elopement dinner for two, to a rehearsal party for 30 … or even a full restaurant buy out, here are some suggestions for private and semi-private venues to hold a wedding reception dinner at in Las Vegas.

This list is NOT comprehensive, but includes many budgets and styles, and restaurants commonly used as venues for wedding receptions. If you have your heart set on a particular restaurant, it is as simple as merely asking. Most Vegas restaurants are happy to take your business and will direct you to group dining or reservations to handle all elements of your meal and reception.

You may like to browse the Vegas restaurant reception venue directory, with many restaurant reception options, including suggestions for small receptions hosting fewer than 30 guests or restaurants with patios and great Vegas views.

Best Vegas Restaurants for Wedding Receptions

Some general tips:

  • If you have a smaller group and prefer to do things online, OpenTable boasts nearly 150+ restaurants that take reservations for 8 to 20 people
  • However, most restaurants and buffets will direct you to the group dining department when you have more than 10 people (sometimes as many as 20) This comes with its own unique fees and rules – be prepared
  • A la carte and special group menus are available in most cases – be sure to ask about food and beverage minimums or room charges!
  • Buffets will typically try to seat you in a private area and will charge a flat service fee on top of the buffet fee
  • Some restaurants will only work with certain vendors – be sure to clear your vendor list with them before you place any deposits, and ask about charges for music, dance floors and cake cuttings
  • Ask about corkage fees – many restaurants will allow you to bring in crates of a favorite wine for your guests
  • Looking to keep costs down? Consider an afternoon luncheon or a weekday reception instead. Costs go up as the sun goes down, and Thursday through Sunday are typically more expensive due to demand in Las Vegas.
  • Another option for keeping costs low is to host a limited bar package at the restaurant, and continue the party elsewhere, like in a suite or at a cocktail lounge downtown.
  • And finally: View some real Vegas weddings with restaurant receptions!

Strip Restaurants (Hotels and Shopping Malls)

Off Strip Restaurants

Lake Las Vegas Restaurants

Downtown Restaurants

Tivoli Village Restaurants

Remember to browse the Vegas restaurant reception venue directory, with many restaurant reception options, including suggestions for small receptions hosting fewer than 30 guests or restaurants with patios and great Vegas views. 

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  1. Millie

    I’m looking for venues that accommodate large parties (100-150) in long table seating. Any suggestions?

  2. Kelly

    Hi Millie, I responded to your email. Best bets are Smith Center, Legends Ranch, Springs Preserve and certain restaurants. Sunset and Vines has done a long table concept for 100 guests. If you are having trouble, I would definitely recommend talking to a wedding planner!

  3. Bri

    I am thrilled to find such a well planned site for traversing the Vegas wedding scene. Thank you. I’m getting stressed trying to plan the right event. I’m looking for an after wedding reception for 15- 20 people: good food, a place that can let us talk and cheer, hear each other, enjoy each others company, music/dance would be nice but not necessary (we’re going to a club after :) ), and a price I can afford, maybe 30 or so a plate. I want everyone to be at ease and enjoy, not so formal and intimate.

  4. Kelly

    Hi Bri, thanks for stopping by! Don’t be stressed – your requirements can be covered by many amazing restaurants with excellent food and service in town. You might want to look at more casual options. If you want to stay on The Strip, I know Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay offers pricing in that range in a intimate long-table setting (Check out this wedding: http://www.littlevegaswedding.com/2012/08/las-vegas-suite-wedding-mandalay-bay/) Buffets are an option, too, and they are fancier than you think. Wynn and Bellagio have private dining areas for your group, and many others do as well. Other than that, try: Buca di Beppo, Sugar Factory and Mon Ami Gabi – they will likely be able to work with your budget! Most restaurants offer a private dining area for the size of group you mention, so it will just be a matter of location and pricing for you. Good luck!

  5. tony

    Hello, i want to know how many total for 55 guests and seats in the buffet. which is better place?

  6. Kelly

    Hi Tony, you should contact group dining at the buffet you are interested in. For upscale buffet, I would recommend Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, Wynn Buffet and Cosmopolitan. For middle of the road, Bayside Buffet at Mandalay Bay and MGM Buffet. Normally they charge the regular buffet rate, plus 18% gratuity, and you sit in a private area or semi-private.

  7. Miss J

    Hi Kelly!

    We are looking for a place for a reception location, possibly more on the romantic side with an option for outdoors for 20 people and want to keep it under 75 per person with a bar option for at least 2 hours on Halloween of this year (Friday, around 4-5pm). Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

  8. Edwin

    Hello! I’m looking for a place for a birthday party (i know its not a wedding, but feels like one!) for up to 80 people, just for cocktails and maybe light appetizers. Maybe around $40 per person, if that breakdown helps. Something maybe vintage looking and convenient as far as location. thanks!

  9. Kelly

    Hi Edwin, you might want to consider The Barrymore. Great vintage style, a little off Strip so the price is right and they do excellent cocktail receptions. Good luck!

  10. LisaB

    Hi Kelly! Just wondering if you know what restaurant the top left image is with the long dinner table? We are looking for a spot for our september wedding reception dinner for 55-60 people.

  11. Kelly

    Hi Lisa, it’s Sunset & Vines, a restaurant at Lake Las Vegas!

  12. amy

    I’m looking for a restaurant for 45 people that might also have a lounge for everyone to hang out after dinner. No dancing reception for our wedding but I don’t want to send everyone “home” right after we eat! We want to be able to play games and such… is this even possible? :)

  13. Kelly

    Hi Amy,

    It is — you might have to look for more off Strip restaurants, however. Cili at Bali Hai is a great choice, with a lot of outdoor areas perfect for games. A lot of country club restaurants are a good option, actually. Another option you might consider is Insert Coins in downtown Las Vegas. Video games and board games, and a cool atmosphere, with catering available. Good luck!

  14. ann

    Hi! Any place thats under $30 per person and seats up to 100 for wedding reception. Thanks

  15. Kelly

    Hi Ann, you should try some off Strip properties and banquet halls and try lunch or afternoon receptions. Bahama Breeze might be able to do a lunch for under $30.

  16. Kristina

    Hi, I’m looking to arrange an Old Vegas themed wedding. I was thinking either the Roaring 20’s or something Western. There will be between 40-50 guests and everyone is going to be dressed in costumes. I want to go with buffet style, any suggestions of which way to go with this? Thanks!!

  17. Kelly Listing Owner

    You should look into The Barrymore! Also the Mob Museum downtown would be a great venue.

  18. Jackie

    Hi! I’m looking for private dining semi formal to formal on the strip at a hotel resturant that can accommodate between 50 to 80. We are not looking for buffets. Thanks for your help!

  19. Rose

    Hi!! I’m getting married at Bellagio in September ’15. We don’t want a full out traditional reception. Just nice dinner after the ceremony, for around 60 people. Thinking a private area in a restaurant? Do they do that? Suggestions where? Then a club/bar afterwards. Are there deals for large groups? Thoughts? Thanks!!

  20. Adam

    Looking for a nice venue for our reception in september. We would be looking at afternoon lunch location with resonable rates on per plate and hourly drink coverage.


  21. Deborah

    Looking for a low cost buffet for wedding reception for 35. Any suggestion?

  22. milissa

    Hi there! I’m getting married in July 2015. We’re looking for a fun place to have a wedding reception. We have about 45 guests and half of them have never been to Vegas. We want the music and dancing, all the fun stuff. We will have 4 teens in the group so we need some help. We fell in love with the Bourbon room but we know they don’t do receptions haha! Please help. ..

  23. Kelly Listing Owner

    Most places in Vegas will do private events…it’s a matter of cost and minimums you have to meet so that they can afford to close for you :)

    Capital Grille and Maggianos are popular for semi-traditional receptions because they offer dance floors, good food and good locations. They would also be a little more accommodating with teenagers, you may run into problems in any bar setting.

  24. Diana

    Need suggestion for a group of 30, a restaurant with god food, that has table cloths and cloth napkins, we prefer plated service and hopefully a location that allows us to play music. And most importantly; off the strip!

    Thank you!

  25. paul

    Hi we are looking for a restaurant for a party of around 15 including 3 children, we would like to have a 2 course meal for approx $75. We would like to be around other dinners with maybe music and if possible on the strip

  26. Barbara

    We are looking for a rehearsal dinner location for saturday night, 9/19 to host @ 100 guests. Costs on the strip are over $130 per person. Any suggestions for nice restaurants off the strip- steakhouses?

  27. meliza

    Hi Kelly,

    I don’t know if you can help but here goes. I’m planning a wedding for new years not this but next yr, so 2016/2017. I’m inviting around 25 people. I was looking for a restaurant/dancing party combo but not like a club where you can’t hear each other talk. I’m so lost and that fact that it’s new year adds the extra prices and it’s just really hard to plan. Any help would be awesome!


  28. Fiona

    Hi Kelly,

    I am getting married (yay me!) in Vegas in Sept 26/15. I am looking for a place to do a cocktail reception for 50 people max. That number will go down. That is not to expensive. Could you please recommend a few places.

    Thank you For your help.

  29. Sarah

    Hi There,
    Just wanting a bit of info,
    We are looking at getting married at the Venetian but need a venue for the reception after, hoping for an evening sit down meal in a private room but would also like there to be a dance floor, music and table decorations etc. We will probably have around 30-40 guests. Our budget is around €4500 but would like that to include some drinks too as we would like to have a bit of a dance and drink after the meal? Can you help : ).
    Thank you

  30. Nancy


    I am looking for some assistance in finding a place to host a Black Tie event. This will be for about 30 people. My budget is about 4000 – 5000. I was considering Prime at the Bellagio and Joe’s Crab House. Will it be awkward to host a black tie event at those locations? Joe’s Crab house may be too casual but I am not too sure. Do you have another recommendation?

  31. Chantelle

    Hi Kelly,
    Please HELP :)
    Looking for a reception for 40 people….affordable all inclusive ceremony & reception…
    OR – chapels & receptions not far apart such as
    chapels: silver sky chapel, lucky little chapel – reception: hash house, ellis island, studio b buffet prices

    thanks a million

  32. Asia

    Hi. I am looking for a place for a cocktail reception for about 40 people that’s not to expensive. I will be getting married 11/27/15 on the strip.

  33. jennifer

    Hi…I’m looking for an steakhouse or something equivalent for 6 ppl hoping for a wedding dinner. We would like to keep dinner and drinks somewhere between 800-1k for the evening.

  34. Clare

    Hi there,
    I am looking for a place to hold an informal wedding reception for max 30 people for cocktails and canapes or a sit down meal,i’m flexible off the strip to keep it affordable, next July 17th 2016. It can be a restaurant but we’d like a private space to hire where can play our own music etc. Can you help?

  35. Marki

    Hi!!! Need some help…. We are looking for somewhere to have our reception for up to 65 guest but want to stay around 50 per person. We also want a place that we can dance and just have a good time. Any suggestions?

  36. Michelle

    I’m in desperate need for help as I’m finding myself constantly going back & forth on wedding venues. We’ve decided Vegas, date, guests & hotel which is Flamingo, but that’s it!!
    I have 25 adults and 6 minors ages between 2-18yrs old. I was thinking chapel @ Flamingo then Margaritaville @ Flamingo inside clipper room. Any suggestions would be great. I’m looking to $55 p/p. Music is also a must.
    Thank you in advance. :)

  37. Amanda

    Hi, I’m looking for some help and don’t know where to start. We are getting married at the venitian but I’m looking for a reception venue for between 30-50 guests. I would like a sit down meal in a private area followed by a dance floor and music, we also have 4 children attending the wedding so needs to be suitable for kids.
    Any ideas welcome

  38. Amra

    Hi there!

    Getting married in Las Vegas in June. We’re looking for a place that does private or semi private rooms, no buffet, with full dinner and drinks. We’re getting married at the Flamingo and want to stick with some sort of theme associated with that hotel without getting tacky.

    Please help!

  39. Jessica

    I’m getting married in April and I’m looking for a nice place for dinner after! About 6pm on a Saturday. 50 to 60 people and there will be kids. everyone will be paying for their own food. Some people don’t have much money as well!

  40. Willow

    Hi, looking for an idea for about 30 ppl and wanting appys and maybe room for some dancing?

  41. Claudia

    I’m getting married at the Paris hotel, November 12, 2016. I would like to have a dinner reception for about 50-75 people, after the ceremony. The ceremony is at 1:00 pm,so possibly have the reception maybe at 4 or 5 pm. We are not looking for a traditional wedding reception, just a simple gathering for about 2 hours. Our budget is between $3500 – $4500. Please offer some suggestions.


  42. Brandy

    Any suggestions for a restaurant that has a dance floor and allows children? It’s for a very small wedding of 10-15

  43. Lindsey

    Hi there… Looking for a place that doesn’t have the full out traditional reception vibe. Just dinner after the ceremony, for around 75 people or so. Thinking of a private area in a restaurant. Could you please suggest a few places? Then a club/bar afterwards. Looked at RiRa’s Irish Pub so far.. So that kind of feel (but sticking together after the dinner and dancing are important factors) Thoughts? Thanks!!

  44. suzanna

    Hello, Im looking for a buffet that offers a private area for about 40 people? any suggestions? prefer to stay near the vegas strip. Thanks!

  45. Lindsay

    I’m going crazy trying to find the perfect restaurant for our reception. There will be approximately 30 people and I am looking for more of a boho/casual/desert vibe than a Las Vegas strip vibe. The ceremony will be held at Red Rock Canyon. Any suggestions?? Thank you so much!!!

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