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A few years ago, when planning our wedding, my husband was picking out his wedding ring and became increasingly frustrated with the state of “unusual” ring choices. He wanted something strong, long lasting and that looked good…but he also wanted something unusual, personal and well suited for his life and interests. There were a lot of neat materials being used: carbon, platinum, titanium and more, but many of the designs were kinda boring and pretty plain. And conversely, anything unique didn’t seem that sturdy.

In the end (after much searching on Etsy and other sites) he ended up with a titanium ring engraved with a sine wave, a nod to his background in engineering and love of math and science. That was just a few years ago, and I think if I showed him the site I was checking out today, he would find multiple rings that he would love. Check some of these really unique, unusual and individual men’s wedding rings from Mens Tungsten Online!

Featuring great prices and customer service, all of their rings come with free shipping and free engraving, and many of the designs feature extended warranties. But best of all, they have really cool and personal wedding ring designs that will appeal to many special hobbies, personal styles or design desires!

1: Abalone Shell Embedded Ringunusual men's wedding ring choices

A SCUBA diver? Water lover? Shellfish fan?? This tungsten ring is embedded with the iridescent/opalescent pieces of an abalone shell, a sort of (delicious) mollusc, which would be perfect for any ocean lover. “Abalone” is available for $199.

2: Walking Liberty Coin Ring


This ring is a piece of history and would be perfect for a coin collector! They aren’t tungsten, but are handmade out of a 90% U.S. silver half dollar coin, “Walking Liberty” features coin details on the inside and outside of the ring. “Walking Liberty” is available for $189.

3: Dinosaur Bone Ringunusual men's wedding ring choices

Mens Tungsten Online originally made this custom wedding ring for a paleontologist client, out of a piece of raptor fossil from Utah. Isn’t the color gorgeous and totally unexpected? It comes from a mix of the bone and minerals that combine over time. A great design choice for archeologists, dinosaur lovers or just someone looking for a bit of color in their ring. “Dinosaur” is available for $599.

4: Elk Antler Ringunusual men's wedding ring choices

My husband is a hunter, and really loves the wilderness and outdoors. We looked for a long time for a wedding ring that contained some type of antler – deer, elk, moose…but most rings were JUST antler, making them a little delicate. I love this one because it combines the strength of tungsten inlaid with the mottled beauty of antler bone. “Elk” is available for $549 and may also come in elk or white tailed deer. They will even incorporate bone from an animal the ring wearer got themselves.

5: Europa Meteorite Ringunusual men's wedding ring choices

Space, the final frontier…and perfect for a guy’s wedding ring! Meteors are incredibly beautiful, and I think they look stunning as a band in a ring – sort of like ice. They are also quite strong, and no two rings have the same design. Mens Tungsten Online makes them in a few widths – Europa is 2mm wide. “Europa” is available for $599.

6: Bamboo Wedding Ringunusual men's wedding ring choices

Bamboo is a sustainable material because it grows so quickly, and is quite durable. This ring would be great for someone who is environmentally aware, or just likes the look of wood on a ring. Doesn’t it kind of look like a wooden hot tub? “Bamboo” is available for $499, and is available in a mostly wood version like this one shown, or one with more tungsten and a thinner piece of wood inlay, or even with Koa or Buckeye wood.

7: Mod Retro Engraved Ringunusual men's wedding ring choices

Since this IS a Vegas wedding blog, I couldn’t go without sharing a ring design with a nod to the theme! Siena is a really cool retro Mod-style etched tungsten ring. Love the black background on this one, it would certainly be eye catching, with the rounded rectangle designs on it! “Siena” is available for $199.

UPDATE: Not enough? Want to see more unique men’s rings? Check out this post with 28 more modern men’s wedding rings.

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  1. Scott Musolf

    Good morning,
    I bought one of the dinosaur bone rings and I understand that the ring comes in different colors. I wanted to get the blue design, but I received an orange color. Is there any way I can return this and receive a blue design ring? You can contact myself via email. Thank you.

  2. Kelly Listing Owner

    Hi Scott, you should contact the company the ring came from to do that. Thanks.

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