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Despite running this site (something I do as a hobby from Canada) I do NOT consider myself a Las Vegas wedding expert. However, I tend to get many questions from readers seeking advice, and try my best to answer or at least point them in the right direction to get the answers they need. At the very least, I give my opinion or things I’ve heard from couple who have submitted their weddings to the site.

While I can no longer keep up with the volume of questions I get by providing personalized answers, I will be choosing some to run some of these question and my answers in a series called LVW Monday Mailbag!

We kick off today with a question that plagues many couples marrying in Vegas: locked in catering and venue photography rules!

Hi Kelly,

Your site seems to be filled with the best information on Las Vegas weddings, so I thought I’d come to you for advice! Our wedding will be a destination wedding for all our guests and we are thinking Vegas will be the best spot, as it is middle ground for everyone.

I am struggling to find a venue I actually like. I am turned off by the typical “Vegas hotel wedding.” It is important to hire our own photographer and would much rather have our own caterers rather than a venue’s set/generic menu.

We’d love for our wedding to be outside near greenery, something a bit rustic. Or I’d also love a loft, or intimate warehouse feel with brick and lights! Any suggestions?! We’ll have about 70 guests, and a venue near Summerlin and Red Rock hotel or another great hotel would be great to make it easier for our guests to get around.

Thank you,

Dear K,

Ah, the great venue search. You actually have some pretty specific requests, so the first thing I would do would be to narrow down the search to places that allow outside caterers. That limits things quite a bit and will help stop you from going crazy.

Some choices that would be top of my list would be:

Springs Preserve
Although they require the use of an exclusive caterer at this time, from what I’ve seen they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of menu. Also, the array of venue options at the Springs may fit what you need, including a combination loft-like/garden space. Keep in mind while they do not restrict photographers, they do require you to have an event planner.

Historic Fifth Street School
This venue meets many of your requirements, in that they allow you to choose your own caterer and photographer, but it is very much a self-service venue and you may wish to hire a wedding planner as well. But the space is rustic, outdoors and near all some great downtown hotels your guests will find convenient. String some bistro lights up over the courtyard and it will have that airy lofty feel. It is not near Red Rock or Summerlin, but sometimes compromise is the word of the day when it comes to wedding planning!

That being said, I do encourage you to explore places with a locked-in caterer. I think you’ll find the quality of the food and beverage available in Las Vegas is modern, gourmet and very flexible compared to what you may be used to at home, especially at some of the higher-end country clubs like Red Rock Country Club or Canyon Gate Country Club, both of which would meet your green setting and city location requests.

Good luck!

Have a Vegas wedding planning question? Feel free to send it to me at kelly AT littlevegaswedding DOT com with the subject line: “LVW Mailbag” or leave a comment on one of the posts. I may answer it in a future mailbag feature. Questions may be edited for length and privacy.

If you want more immediate help, I encourage you to join the LVW Wedding Planning Facebook group. This private group is full of people planning their weddings just like you as well as some vendors. Both are great for knowledge and advice and are probably much more in the know than me!

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  1. gaby j

    ooo I also suggest renting out a house that allows weddings & caterers etc.! There are some really cool rustic looking ones in the area ;)

  2. Jocelyn Black

    Thanks for I think that a lot of people have this issue as well. Everyone wants a custom wedding now a days. And a lot of it comes down to even custom catering especially if someone has food considerations. I love your suggestions.