On this very day four years ago, just around this time, I was walking down the aisle to the theme to Star Trek: The Next Generation at the Springs Preserve, where I married my husband, Mr. M.

We planned our Vegas wedding in just five months, rushed along after we found out we were relocating to Japan. At the time I remember looking at traditional planning timelines in magazines and laughing until I cried. Why?

“Pick your venue nine or more months out,” I read as the stress tears streamed down my face. I had just weeks to pick a venue (let alone everything else,) and I had to do it from miles away. Let’s not even discuss the wedding dress buying fiasco.

I would not change a thing about my wedding planning process, but it was hectic and I learned a lot along the way. Things that would have been great to know beforehand!

Hitched in a Hurry Book Review | Little Vegas Wedding
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If you are planning your Vegas wedding in six months or less, don’t stress cry yet! I am here to recommend an absolutely essential book for you: Karley Kiker’s “Hitched in a Hurry.”

While most weddings are planned with a year’s notice or more, I know many of you are planning your weddings in Las Vegas on a much tighter timeline (judging by the panicked emails I receive from you each day!)

Good news: Vegas brides and grooms are at an advantage, as the city and its vendors really excel at stylish weddings, even if they are hasty. But that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be thrown together or picked from inflexible chapel packages. Armed with great vendors, LVW and “Hitched in a Hurry,” you’ll be in good hands if you still want to maintain control.

Karley wrote this book for couples who are planning their weddings with little time to weigh all the options and plan to very last detail, but it doesn’t sacrifice the experience of planning a wedding, it just helps you along the way.

Hitched in a Hurry Book Review | Little Vegas Wedding
Hitched in a Hurry author Karley Kiker with her husband Taylor at the book’s launch party. Taylor even gets his own chapter in the book which reveals the groom’s perspective. {John Cain Photography}

Written by a bride who planned her wedding in just five months, “Hitched in a Hurry” is a realistic look at what is important and what needs to be done, stat. It’s full of no-nonsense advice and how-to’s that work for all couples planning a wedding on a tight schedule, in Las Vegas or elsewhere. It’s a quick, enjoyable read that is clearly organized and injected with humor and stories from real couples.

Of course, it’s also jam-packed with helpful tips! For example: lists of questions your vendor may ask you in your meetings so you go in with a clear focus, and re-worked wedding timelines to prioritize what really needs to get done ahead of the nuptials.

It’s also full of sensible general tips useful for all weddings, such as to stop browsing Pinterest after you’ve made your mind up on a detail, and that the wedding does not make a marriage — hard work and communication do. (Can’t stress that one enough!)

Hitched in a Hurry Book Review | Little Vegas Wedding“Hitched in a Hurry” is a must read for those couples planning hasty but happy weddings in any city.

Although it’s not the norm, it will give you the confidence to know that planning nuptials on a tight timeline IS possible. It supports you along the way as you get through crazy deadlines en route to the altar.

No time to waste? You can buy the book for your Kindle (or in paperback) on Amazon right now.

As a bonus, “Hitched in a Hurry” author Karley Kiker has been kind enough to give away a copy to Little Vegas Wedding readers. You could win your own paperback copy of this fabulous wedding guidebook; enter below!

Also be sure to check out Karley’s site for more tips on wedding on short notice, and to share your story if you got hitched in a hurry!

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