So, you’ve picked the style of proposal you think is right for your mate from this list of suggestions, but you’re still a little shaky on the details. Besides hiring a professional, here are some tips for making your Las Vegas proposal go off smoothly!

Reconsider the Spot
As previously stated, it might seem romantic and iconic, but right in front of the Bellagio fountains might not be the spot to pop the question. Loud music, lots of people and little privacy might not be the right combination. Same goes for the Eiffel Tower observation deck at Paris Las Vegas. Additionally, you might be hoping for your favorite Las Vegas Strip show help you pop the question, but the reality is that many do not assist in proposals. Their requests to do so are too numerous! So if you were hoping the stars of Cirque du Soleil’s latest show would help you ask, you should probably think again.

Eiffel Tower Proposal | Little Vegas Wedding
{Thomas Ashley Photography}

Consider Photographing the Moment
Photographers are pros and will find a way to work with you and your planned schedule to be there when the moment happens, in a secretive way. Be it at the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas or at a staged stop on a limo tour of The Strip, having a photograph of the exact moment it happened for yourself, friends and family may be the perfect touch.

Upgrade that Suite
Use the $20 trick and proposal angle at check-in to politely request a suite upgrade, or just book a fabulous suite. Some beautiful, unforgettable suites include MGM Grand Skyline Terrace Suite, Cosmopolitan Wraparound Suites, Mandarin Oriental Strip View Suite, Aria Tower Suite, a Bellagio suite directly facing the fountains, Planet Hollywood or Paris Las Vegas suite facing the Bellagio Fountains, Encore’s Salon Suites, Mirage Lanai Villas or Hotel 32 at Monte Carlo.

If You Think They Are Onto You…
…they probably are. But that’s okay, life decisions of this magnitude are better when not completely out of the blue. Just work on making it personal, and memorable. It doesn’t have to be a mind blowing surprise and there is no way to really guess when the exact moment will be, so it will still be an emotional surprise.

Romantic Proposal | Little Vegas Wedding
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Plan an Activity Beforehand
Setting up one of the activities I suggested in the previous article like a romantic scavenger hunt or day of pampering will give you time to set up the hotel suite and get it decorated and romantic. One of the chain drugstores on The Strip like CVS or Walgreens (multiple locations) have chilled champagne, flowers and LED/flameless candles, or concierge can help you get a hold of these items to make the atmosphere super romantic.

Get Down on One Knee
You might think it cliche or obvious, but it’s an important step and a very classic and romantic gesture. It’s also completely unmistakable as a sign to your partner, and everyone around you.

Expect a Response
If you do end up popping the question even somewhat publicly, chances are you will have an audience. Everyone loves romance, and that down on bended knee move is sure to get noticed. Be prepared for photos, videos and cheers and applause right after it happens. Of course, you might both be so overwhelmed, you might not even notice!

Have a Plan Afterwards
Be it cocktails at Chandelier Bar, a helicopter tour over the Strip, popping a cold bottle of bubbly back in the suite or a delicious dinner, have the next step planned and ready. That is, after all the phone calls and social media updates are made!