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Not just home to weddings, Las Vegas is also a popular spot for spontaneous vow renewals! Almost every hotel, chapel and venue offers vow renewal packages at a discounted cost, from the traditional to the thrilling. But, how do you make it your own? And what are some of the do’s and don’ts of renewing your wedding vows in Las Vegas?

A vow renewal or recommitment ceremony might be of interest to you because your initial wedding was lacklustre, or perhaps even completely disastrous. Bad weather, bad photography, bad food – maybe you’re looking to create new wedding memories or celebrate in a way that is more true to your style and beliefs.

Vow renewals are also common after a couple goes through a difficult time or if a significant anniversary is coming up.

Regardless of the reason, vow renewals are a wonderful way to rededicate yourselves, bring people together, and to celebrate your friends and family who have been with you through the years just as much as it is to celebrate yourselves and your marriage.

Do – Pick a Significant Date

The date of your vow renewal doesn’t have to be your wedding anniversary, but perhaps there is another date that has special meaning in your lives.

Do – Make It Meaningful

Work together to chose new phrases and readings that reflect your relationship and what it has gone through to include in the ceremony.

Photo: Star Thrower Photography

Don’t – Go Cookie Cutter

Think outside the box. A different time of day, like sunrise, or an unusual venue like a nightclub can make for an incredible event.

Do – Celebrate With Adrenaline

Las Vegas has a number of action packed options for thrill seekers. Repeat your vows over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, take a literal plunge from the top of the Stratosphere tower or while racing down a roller coaster! Many couples also make their vow renewal a fitness goal and re-tie the knot at the annual Rock n Roll Marathon.

Don’t - Limit Your Attire to White

Now’s your chance to wear whatever you are most comfortable in on your wedding day, and it doesn’t need to be white!

Do – Consider a Walk Down Memory Lane

Including your original wedding photos in a slide show or guest book or reusing an item of your wedding day attire like a veil, shoes or tie will bring in that “something old” element.

Do – Let them eat cake!

A bakery could work with you to replicate a smaller version of your original cake, or you can get the new cake of your dreams.

Don’t – Spend money on new rings.

Re-engraving your wedding rings is a nice way to mark the occasion and keep a budget.

Photo: Star Thrower Photography

Do – Hire a Photographer

iPhones and family members are great, but pros do such a better job of capturing significant life events! As a bonus you could get a really great portrait session as well.

Do – Keep It Poignant 

Weave in elements of your original vows or ceremony, or include your original bridal party members.

Don’t – Stress Out!

Consider hiring a professional to help plan and organize the renewal.

Don’t – Forget The Best Part

What better excuse for a second honeymoon than a second wedding?

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  1. Angie Kelly, Wedding Officiant

    Love the idea about engraving the rings, I am now going to suggest that to my vow renewal couples who are keeping existing rings but rededicating them. Thanks for the good tip!

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