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Everyone, meet Afton and Don…and also meet Sasha & Brutus the Rottweilers and Blade, Karma and Prime the Doberman Pinschers! All of them posed perfectly for photographs in an engagement session at Calico Basin by Pirates & Pixies Photography. I just love when couple incorporate their interests, especially pets, into photos, so I’m excited to share this set with you.

Would you be surprised if I told you Afton and Don met at a dog park and began dating after getting into a discussion over what dog breed was best? Probably not!

Jennifer, the photographer writes about the challenges of shooting with a handful of canine friends:

“Don brought his brother to help out, which was a good call. With five big dogs, you never know what might happen! They had a squeezy toy and some dog treats on hand, and the squeezy toy really paid off when it came time to get Afton and Don to smile. ;-) “

This local couple are due to be wed in Las Vegas this fall – best wishes, Afton and Don!

Engagement session shot on location at Calico Basin by Pirates & Pixies Photography 

desert-enagement-with-dogs001desert-enagement-with-dogs001desert-enagement-with-dogs001desert-enagement-with-dogs001desert-enagement-with-dogs001 desert-enagement-with-dogs001 desert-enagement-with-dogs001

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