For destination weddings, it’s often a kind gesture from the bride and groom that they provide a small welcome bag or gift for guests arriving. Set to be waiting for the guests when they arrive in their room or given out at a pre-wedding function, these kits often include thoughtful little items to make their trip a little easier.

Large hotels often charge a small fee to drop off the bags in a room, but I like the idea of giving these out at a small meet and greet party instead. Inside, the essentials for a Vegas vacation!

Vegas Wedding Survival Kit

1 Welcome to Vegas Postcard (with hashtag for guests to Instagram/Tweet/Vine wedding happenings), $1.69-2.19 each | 2 Gambling Strategy Card, Free | 3 Lucky Money for Gambling, $1-3 | 4 Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee, $0.85 each | 5 Snackwell’s Snack Packs, $0.65 | 6 Mini bottle of Champagne, $4-15 | 7 Elvis Sunglasses, $3-5 | 8 Individual Packet of Tylenol, $0.50 | 5 Hour Energy Drink, $2 | 10 Bandaids, $0.15 each | 11 Personalized Casino Themed Mints, $1.44-1.87 each | 12 Lipbalm, $0.65-3 | 13 Travel Sized Neutrogena Sunscreen, $2.99 | 14 Travel Sized Visine Eye Drops, $2.75 | 15 Las Vegas Bottle Opener, $1.99-5.99

Honestly, you could make these little kits by visiting one of the Strip drugstores like CVS or Walgreens, but I’ve included sources online in case you want to make them ahead of time.

Thoughtful items include instant coffee, light snacks like nuts or granola bars, alcohol, first aid and personal care items, energy drinks, moisturizing items to cope with the desert dryness and day-after-the-party recovery items. I also love the idea of alerting your guests ahead of time for any hashtags to use for photos they take over the weekend so you can look back at them after all is said and done.

For more ideas on kitschy Vegas stuff to include, check out this Vegas Wedding Favor Ideas post and for more individual sized items, you NEED to check out Minimus. Some awesome single serving or travel sized items there!

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    THIS IS AWESOME ESPECIALLY INCLUDING THE PRICES (YES I’M YELLING). I was trying to figure out what to put in the kit THANK YOU

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