One of my favorite wedding venues to feature on the blog is Cosmopolitan. It’s fresh, modern and perfect for a stylish elopement! I used my love for the hotel as  inspiration for this week’s Vegas Vision wedding board. Because what’s more modern than sneaking off to Vegas for your elopement in a stunning architectural gown and post-wedding cocktails for two, instead of cake?

Vegas Vision” inspiration boards are inspired by the different resorts, casinos and locations around Vegas. They’re not really based in reality, but that’s the fun!

If you would like to make your own, the theme is Modern Elopements. If you want to share, you can create it on Pinterest and tag the board #VegasVision or tag me @lilvegaswed. You can also email me the board: kelly AT littlevegaswedding DOT com

modern cosmopolitan vegas wedding elopement

Click to make it bigger!

Location: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas // Modern crepe wedding gown by Lanvin // “Mayan” cocktail at Vesper Bar by FoodSpotting // Metal “bouquet” by J Amber Conger at Refinerii // Bold graphic “Fracas” wedding announcement by Minted // Cosmopolitan sign photo by me


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  1. matt

    very stylish and looks very nice. I do hope what that lady has in her hand is a whisk

  2. Kelly

    Haha – no, just a newfangled bouquet. Certainly a conversation starter…

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