I had to share this colorful engagement session because I love snow and am a true winterbaby. I love anything to do with snow – skiing, sledding, even shovelling! So I really love the idea behind today’s photos. Who says you can only have engagement photo sessions in the spring or fall? Today’s post will prove them wrong!

Jon and Ayla were the perfect couple to experiment with the idea Vegas photographers Josh and Jen had for doing an engagement session in the snow at Mount Charleston. They incorporated bright spray chalk paint and tie dye tints for spraying on the clean white snow – and each other!

Ayla, who works with the husband-wife photography team kept it light and fun, playing with her soon-to-be-husband in the snow and with the bright colors. What a wonderful idea for an original engagement session! Can’t wait to see what tricks the couple have up their sleeves for their summer wedding. Probably won’t be much snow though…










Photos:  Josh and Jen Photography


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  1. Angela Lewis

    You guys look beautiful together . What awesome pictures !!!!

  2. Kelly

    Can’t wait to see what their wedding holds!

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