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Recently, I met Kim on Twitter. She’s from the UK and is an April 2013 Las Vegas bride! I thought it was be interesting to follow a bride as she plans the final stages of her wedding from so far away, so I’ve asked her to share a few posts leading up to her wedding about that. (As if she wasn’t busy enough…)

If you are an avid off-beat wedding blog follower, you might recognize the couple from their feature post on Rock n Roll bride. They had a very messy engagement session shot by Assassynation Photography. At the same time, they also did an AWESOME Save the Date video with Sassy ‘n’ Frank announcing to everyone they were planning to get wed in Vegas. You can check it out below!

But I’ll let Kim talk about how she and her fiancé Phil chose Las Vegas for their sure-to-be-unique wedding, and what venue they went with, and why.

Let me introduce myself and fill you in with the gory details, my name is Kim and my fiancé is Phil, we have been together a little over 5 years now (oh how time flies!)

We met at a music festival, something we both love doing. Phil proposed a couple of years ago after having a date night at home with dinner and a movie. After the movie ended we began to start tidying up as we headed for bed. [pullquote]When I pressed eject on the DVD player the disk popped out, and had “Will you marry me?” written on it…[/pullquote]

When I pressed eject on the DVD player the disk popped out and had “Will you marry me?” written on it, Phil was casually sitting on the sofa behind me holding out a ring. Of course I accepted and we celebrated. So now you know how we came to be engaged and I am pleased to be writing a few guest posts for Little Vegas Wedding and how we made our decisions in the planning of our Vegas wedding, which we’ve been planning for nearly two years!

Right from the start we knew that we didn’t want any standard wedding, for us we wanted something that stood out and that suited our personalities. Choosing Las Vegas was probably the first decision we made after saying “Yes!” We had previously been on holiday in western America spending four weeks touring around, starting in Las Vegas then driving through Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, and down the coastal road stopping at Monterey, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego. It was truly some of the best times we’ve had together and Vegas left us wanting more.

Phil and Kim announce the location of their wedding in film format!

Once we announced our destination decision, we had a variety of reactions, with most thinking it was awesome, However, some family members were disappointed that it wasn’t the big white traditional wedding they dreamed for us. Naturally we questioned our choice but decided that it is our day and that’s what we truly wanted.

During our previous visit to Las Vegas we stayed in the Stratosphere, and attended some of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekender at the Orleans and attended a wedding at the Graceland Chapel.

We began our search though the wedding venues in Las Vegas and with over 100 places to say “I do” – it became a daunting task. With such a vast amount of places to marry in it meant that you could pretty much have any type of wedding you could dream of; Star Wars weddings, Elvis weddings, drive-thru weddings, KISS weddings, huge weddings, small weddings… the list goes on!

We decided that with living in rainy England we would like to take full advantage of the beautiful desert weather in Nevada and have an outdoor wedding. After looking at plenty of chapels and hotels we whittled it down to a few venues we loved: the Chapel of the Flowers, the Artisan and the Flamingo hotel.

Finally, we chose the Flamingo hotel’s Gazebo Chapel. The wedding planners couldn’t do enough to help, they even put together a bespoke package for us which suited our budget; which many other venues lacked in. The Gazebo Chapel is beautiful and we cannot wait to get married amongst our family and friends in the city in the desert that we love.

Which wedding venue would you pick? I’d love to hear what kind of reactions you faced for your wedding!

Thanks so much, Kim! I can’t wait to read your next entry…

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