These photos from Kristen Joy Photography caught my eye as soon as I saw them. Maybe because I have a known weakness for neon colors, maybe because I like the desert…maybe because I saw the guns and thought WHAAAAT?

First off, the guns are not real, at least in that they are pellet guns. Joey and Kim, the couple in the photos, are high school sweethearts from Las Vegas who were married about five years ago, and wanted to do something fun with Kim’s wedding gown which had been trapped in the closet all this time. They also happen to enjoy shooting air pellet guns. On top of that, they also like to watch Italian mafia/gangster-style films, so they came up with this unique “Bonnie and Clyde” inspired idea for a trash the dress shoot that combined a few of their hobbies in a fun and very photogenic way!

Joey picked the location in southwest Vegas, which combined that abandoned desert look with the mountain scape of Red Rock in the background. Kim’s creative husband also came up with the awesome idea of using a fire extinguisher to get that dusty atmospheric look in some of the photos.

I think the outlaw theme really worked here, because these photos really stole my heart. Awesome idea, guys!





Running off into the sunset to their next crim…uh, photoshoot.

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Photography: Kristen Joy Photography / Wedding Dress: Couture Bride Las Vegas / Hair and Makeup: by the Bride / Location: southwest Las Vegas, off Blue Diamond Road

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  1. Michelle Blair

    Love the styling… great idea for a shoot!

  2. Kelly

    Agreed! Very appropriate for the area, given Vegas history..!

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