Many Vegas chapels do not allow outside photographers, instead requiring you to you pay for an in-house photographer who gives you copies of your ceremony photos. But that shouldn’t dampen the wedding day fun – spend the extra time getting amazing photos all over Vegas like this couple did! They started out post-ceremony at the Little White Wedding Chapel – the group shot outside the chapel is great! Smaller weddings make this sort of thing totally doable.

Their wedding photographer Alex Mo did an incredible job, catching them with desert vistas, playing some foosball and all sorts of awesome hijinks. I especially love the time they spent around the Bellagio property. It’s been a real Bellagio month on the blog…

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Wedding Venue: A Little White Wedding Chapel / Photographer: Alex Mo Photography / Photo Location: Bellagio Hotel / Hair & Makeup: Amelia Cooper

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  1. Amelia C

    What a fun, cute blog! It was such a treat to work with Alex Mo again! And we all know that the ‘Co loves a good retro do!

  2. Kelly

    Amelia – let me just take this opportunity to say thanks for stopping by and that I LOVE YOUR WORK. I will forever regret the travesty that happened on my wedding day in regards to my make up artist. Wish I had gone with you from the start!

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