I love the warmth and intimacy√ā¬†Kristen Hansen captured of this couple, Kenneth and Misty, in their engagement shoot at Lake Las Vegas. It’s like she wasn’t even there…

The outfits they chose to wear work so well with the background colors and their personalities, I think. A strong case for picking out a basic but sexy outfit and bringing a big smile to an engagement shoot, I think.

Montelago Village at Lake Las Vegas makes it look like these photos were taken in a classic Italian town. I love the warm colors and details.

There are more photos on Kristen’s blog.

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Engagment shoot location: Aston MonteLago Village at Lake Las Vegas / Photography: KMH Photo

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  1. Ann {Bummed Bride}

    Cute! That is where I took MY engagement pictures! It was such a neat location. You could really get a lot of different backgrounds without having to travel.

  2. Kelly

    Oooh! You’re so lucky, Ann. I never did engagement pics, but I love this location for shoots. It’s so romantic and warm.

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