Today might be the most original, most fun, craziest trash the dress session you’ve ever seen. “SURE,” I hear you saying, because you’ve seen a lot of trash the dress photos in your time as a wedding blog reader. Trust. This one’s special.

There’s a little bit for everyone. A wacky Las Vegas couple willing to be brave, a beautiful bride in a gorgeous dress…and a beautiful groom in that gorgeous dress. The photo set comes from none other than the amazing Mike Lichtenwalner who seems to be a wedding whisperer along with his wife Courtney. Some of the shots and the emotions he coaxes out of the couples he shoots are just amazing. He’s got a way, what can I say?

In any case…yes, it’s crazy. Continue on…

In the beginning… the couple, Sergio and Andrea were wed at St Joan of Arc church in Las Vegas. MikeL shot those photos too, you can see them here. They look all cute ‘n shiny ‘n new here!

But at the trash the dress session the trashing really began…

Like a war zone, only with cupcake frosting!

Still looking beautiful…

Guess Sergio got jealous? The guy is a total ham and looked surprisingly good in that dress, huh? What an awesome concept, chemistry and carry through. High fives all around, team!

As always, the icing on this cupcake is over at Mike L’s photoblog, where you can view the entire set.

— — — — —

Hair and makeup by Bobbie Pin Beauty. Photos by MikeL. Photo

No word on who took care of Sergio’s beauty routine on the day. ;-)

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  1. Ann {Bummed Bride}

    This is a really cool photo-shoot. I can’t decide if I wan’t to trash my dress or not. I keep reasoning

    with myself that I am never going to wear it again and at least I would get the pictures out of it.

  2. Kelly

    You know, I was the same, Ann! Two years on, and my dress sits vacuum packed, not even cleaned yet. Then I saw these photos and totally regretted waiting for … I don’t know what! I think these photos work because it totally just seems in this couple’s character. Totally organic and awesome.

  3. Kelly

    You know, I was totally the same, Ann. My dress still sits (UNCLEANED!) in a vacuum bag. I keep telling myself I’m going to shorten it into a mini dress…but never do. Meanwhile this awesome couple is getting some totally great photos. I think this work because it just seems in the character of the couple. It’s believable and not forced. You should totally do something crazy when the time comes!

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