I had a huge smile on my face the first time I saw this wedding on Meg’s blog – from the flouncy little Priscilla of Boston dress the bride wore to the purple tones of the overhauled Imperial Palace chapel (uh, who knew!?) and the hilarious surprise from up above while the party boarded the bus for a cruise of the Strip… check Stephanie and Dan’s wedding out!

I am so in love with the dress she chose!

As the bus boarded, everyone on top suddenly started pointing up above and a new “friend” was made…

Did you spot her!? Awesome.

So gorgeous – thanks for sharing, Meg. As always, it was a treat. For more photos of this wedding, please visit MegRuth’s blog.

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Wedding Venue: Silver Sky Chapel at Imperial Palace / Photography: MegRuth Photo + Video / Bride’s Hair and Makeup: Your Beauty Call / Bride’s Gown: Priscilla of Boston

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  1. Jazmyn

    I’m kind of sad I didn’t choose Imperial Palace or even look at it during our scouting trip. Their new chapel is actually really pretty despite how run down the actual hotel is lol. She is a gorgeous bride and these photos are beautiful though!! :)

    Love, Jazmyn

  2. Kelly

    I know! I nearly fell over when Meg said it was at Imperial Palace. I never would have guessed. I think I saw this week on a Vegas Facebook group that they are changing that horrible facade … change is coming, and not just in the chapel. Pretty awesome.

  3. MegRuth

    Thanks for the feature! I LOVED this couple so much!!

  4. Kelly

    Thanks for revealing the beauty of a chapel that the I.P. is hiding! So amazingly cool and chic!

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