I don’t care if people think it’s 80s or tacky or attention getting – I love neon. Although my own personal wedding did not feature much neon during the day, at the evening party, I fit in neon in a splashy neon pink feather fascinator and did not regret it. Here are some neat neon gifts, accessories and decor for your wedding day, or the events surrounding it if you aren’t quite that bold.

1. Fabric neon yellow braid necklace by birdienumnum 2. Long fringe neon blue earrings by lazysundsaysshop 3. Perky neon party garland by GrayDayStudio 4. Felt wedding hearts by koalitacraft 5. Black netting and neon pink hair fascinator by CutieDynamite 6. Neon bow clutch by brightworkdesigns 7. Neon orange and netting platform heels by NorTin

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  1. Abigail of GrayDayStudio

    Thanks so much for featuring my neon paper garland! What a great theme to be included with. Love those earrings!!!

    I also have a little shop promo where you can get 10% off your purchase of 3 garlands with code 3GARLANDS!

    Happy Wedding decorating!

  2. Tati from birdie num num

    Thank you for including my creation in your neon party ! ;)

    You have a very beautiful blog

  3. Kelly

    Awww, thanks Tati! Hope to feature your stuff sometime in the future, again!

  4. Kelly

    Thanks Abigail. I love your garland…may have to get one for the house, nevermind a wedding!

  5. Cris

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much for featuring my hearts :)

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