I know due to their price point and ease of getting guests up to the room MGM Grand was a popular place for hosting small afterparties, rehearsal meet and greet parties and even receptions in their suites. I looked at them myself for my wedding afterparty, but decided not to go with them because people complained about the rooms looking a little run down. Some had amazing outdoor hot tubs, patios and views, but I did not want chipped furniture, broken doors or dripping faucets.

However some good news, as MGM Grand overhauls their behemoth property. They are redoing their suites and bringing in four new kinds. I just looked at the photos of their new rooms online and they are pretty beautiful, and the prices are still very affordable.

1500 sq ft prices starting at $565 the Skyline Marquee Suite (above) is one of my favourites. It’s a two bedroom and features a billiards table. There is the very similar Skyline Terrace Suite – but it features a nearly 800 sq ft patio overlooking the Strip. Decision decisions…

Prices, photos, floor plans and more available at MGM Grand’s site. Thanks to Five Hundy by Midnight Las Vegas podcast for talking about these new suites.

If you are interested in more information on other suites to hold your Vegas wedding in a, read this: 5 Great Choices for an In-Suite Reception

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photos courtesy: MGM Grand

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