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17 Incredible Las Vegas Wedding Transportation Ideas

Arrive to or depart your wedding in a memorable fashion using one of these unique Las Vegas wedding transportation options. Traditional, vintage, quirky and more, with some options chauffeured, some self-driven, some for larger groups and some for just you two.

Use these transportation methods to ride out to Red Rock Canyon, tour the lights on The Strip, cruise downtown or make a stop at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. From tricked out party buses with champagne and stripper poles to luxury once-in-a-lifetime rides, travel in style with these 17 different options.

Oversized Monster Limos + Party Buses

Party Bus | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas Wedding

Party Bus from Presidential Limo
Seats 30, $175 an hour
Party bus, indeed! This ultra limo coach bus includes a media service with music and videos, a stripper pole and a stocked bar with 2 bottles of complimentary sparkling cider, bottled water, ice and glassware.

F650 Super Truck Limo | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingStretch F650 Truck from EarthLimos
Seats 30, $145 an hour
This stretch truck features a smoke machine, fiber-optic lighting, and comfy seating for up to 30 of your closet friends.

Monster Hummer | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingMonster H2 Stretch Hummer from Presidential Limo
Seats 14, $125 an hour
This unique stretch Hummer H2 includes features like multiple TVs, fiber-optic laser lighting and a stocked bar with complimentary sparkling cider, bottled water, ice and glassware.

Harley Truck Limo | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingHarley Davidson Ford Truck Limo from NTS Limo
Seats 21, Contact NTS for Rates
This special edition Harley Davidson themed Ford truck limo is a party on wheels with a color changing floor and ceiling, bars, five TVs, laser lighting and more.

Big Blue Limo | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas Wedding

Big Blue Limo Truck from NTS Limo
Seats 45, Contact NTS for Rates
Big Blue is apparently the world’s largest street legal limo and was custom made. 6′ of headspace in the interior, 11 TVs, laser and LED lighting, stairs (!), three VIP areas and more.

Dodge Challenger Limo | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingDodge Challenger Limo from Exotic Limousines
Seats 10, Contact Exotic Limousines for Rates
Stretch Hummers are so 2003. Try this Dodge Challenger Stretch Limo. Includes two TVs, a booming sound system, LED light show and more.

Double Decker Bus from Double Decker Bus of Las Vegas
Seats 72, From $200 an hour
This bus seats 44 guests on the upper deck and 28 below. You are allowed to bring your own liquor, but no glass containers are allowed. Gets hot in the summer, but a great choice the rest of the year to give your guests an open air tour of The Strip.

Retro Rides

1928 Cadillac Limo | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas Wedding

1928 Cadillac from Seiji Limo
Seats 4, $300 an hour
Take it back to the Roaring 20s with this classic Cadillac with perfectly vintage touches. Great for Great Gatsby themed weddings or just looking great as you pull up to the ceremony.

1972 Cadillac Eldorado| Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas Wedding

1972 Cadillac Eldorado from Fantasy Car Rental
Seats 4, $495 a day (no chauffeur)
Cruise around in this classic Caddy. A great way to see Las Vegas in style, not to mention use in photos. Other vintage rides for rent include an Olds 442 Convertible, 1970 Cadillac DeVille Eldorado and more.

Airstream2Go | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingRetro Airstream Trailer from Airstream2Go
Sleeps 4, From $1,740 for three days
I suppose you might want to have the right location to use this wedding day transportation — Neon Museum, Eldorado Canyon or Red Rock Canyon might make great choices. Makes a great photo opp prop, not to mention honeymoon suite.

Vintage Rickshaw | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingVintage Rickshaw from Elephants on Parade
Seats 2, $450 with driver
Human-powered is a pretty eco-friendly way to get to your wedding. Might make a great options for Springs Preserve or downtown Las Vegas wedding venues


Horse and Carriage | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingHorse and Carriage from MBs Horse and Carriage
Seats 6, $600 an hour
The classic horse and carriage is all that some couples dream about, and this Las Vegas company makes it a reality. Arrive via this romantic mode of transportation, perfect for classic country club weddings. Horse-drawn carriages are not permitted on Las Vegas Boulevard or nearby streets.

Bentley Flying Spur  | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas Wedding

Bentley Flying Spur from Fantasy Car Rentals
Seats 4, $795 a day (no chauffeur, partial day rates available)
Ride like the high rollers do around the Vegas streets in this classic Bentley sedan valued at more than $200,000.

Quirky + Crazy

Tijuana Trolley | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingMexican Themed Bus from Tijuana Trolley Company
Seats 25, Contact TTC for Rates
Stuffed full of fiesta flavor this charming one-of-a-kind ride is more about the fun than the looks. If you aren’t willing to do something weird, you probably shouldn’t get married in Las Vegas, after all. (Luche libre driver included)

Gondola   | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingGondola from Lake Las Vegas Gondolas
Seats 2, Contact Lake Las Vegas Gondola Adventures for Rates
Get married on one of these  Lake Las Vegas gondolas, or arrive or exit your ceremony at one of the hotel venues along the shoreline in a totally romantic manner.

Slotzilla Zipline | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingSlotzilla Zipline at Fremont Street Experience
Seats 2, From $20 a ride
Arrive in style (and at 40 miles per hour) to your wedding on the west end of Fremont via a 10 story zipline. Two different lines offer a sitting or “superman” position. Certainly memorable!

CyclePub | Unique Las Vegas Wedding Transportation | Little Vegas WeddingOversized Bicycle from Cycle Pub Vegas
Seats 15, $240 for 6 people, each additional person is $40
Not only is this oversized bicycle wired for sound and decorate-able, it’s a cool and fun way to tour Fremont after your downtown wedding. No alcohol allowed on board, but you can stop at many bars on the tour to toast.

Photos courtesy their respective companies

15 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Las Vegas Wedding

As a follow up to the post earlier this week of advice from real brides and grooms on the things they would have done differently at their Las Vegas weddings, I thought I might share some more of the common pitfalls when planning a wedding in Vegas.

These 15 nuggets of Vegas wedding planning advice are especially true if you are planning a destination wedding but have never visited the city before, but I think even local brides and grooms will find some pearls of wisdom in this post.

15 Vegas Wedding Mistakes Made | Little Vegas Wedding

Yes, Las Vegas is exciting and if you are getting married there, you are probably already a convert. And sure it’s great that you have planned an event every day for your wedding guests to enjoy while they are in Sin City  but give them some personal time, too! Overplanning not only leads to your exhaustion, but your guests’, too, and just creates a more demanding, less relaxing wedding.

I know, it’s hard not to want to have it all. The retro downtown vibe, the beautiful desert scenery and those amazing lights and restaurants on the Strip. And most are all within a half hour of each other. But instead of trying to do it all, limit the number of venues you choose and how far from each other they are. Even better, choose your ceremony and reception to be in the same place. If you must host in a few different locations, try to provide transportation for your guests to keep them on schedule and from getting confused. Do you really want your guests to remember how long they sat on a bus on your wedding day instead of the amazing events you put together?

May through August is traditionally the big wedding season in North America … except Las Vegas. It’s hot and many vendors take some time off because of that and … did I mention it’s hot? It can be less expensive to hold your wedding during these months which is attractive, but try for an early evening wedding, keep it indoors and try to make yourself and your guests as comfortable as you can. Here are some more summer wedding tips.

Yes, weddings are expensive. But if you have asked guests to come with you to your destination wedding, please, PLEASE, provide even a small cocktail reception for them. It’s only courteous. Even a couple of pizzas from Secret Pizza and cases of beer from Walgreens served up in your suite will likely only run you $25 a person. It may not be classy, but neither is providing nothing at all. You might seriously consider eloping if you can’t even give your invited guests a small celebration.

The Wraparound Suites at Cosmopolitan are beautiful, I agree. But really, they are best for groups of up to 15. Standing shoulder to shoulder and being barely able to move should be reserved for college parties, not your wedding ceremony. Pick a suite or venue that is well-sized for your wedding, not just because you like the view or decor.

It’s really easy to over or underestimate the number of guests that will come to your wedding. For most destination weddings, just 40-50% of invited guests will actually attend, with the number being a little higher for Las Vegas. Leave a lot of time for RSVPs and let people know as far in advance you are planning a destination wedding. Vacation time and travel budgets must be accommodated.

Avoid the siren song of the casino bar the night before your wedding. Rest up, relax and enjoy a nightcap in your room if you must, but avoid the smoke-filled casino floors and nightclubs. Before you know it, it may be 5am and you haven’t gotten a wink of sleep.

Every time I come home from Las Vegas, I always wonder if I should buy stock in my favorite skin moisturizer’s company as I deplete yet another bottle. The desert is dry, so keep your skin (body and face), lips and hair well moisturized and drink more water than you need. The wedding aisle is no place for dehydration or flaky skin. While you’re at it, consider a refreshment station for guests at your outdoor ceremony.

If you come from a very wintery place like I do, it’s tough to avoid wanting to “catch up on the sun” and sit by the pool. Save the cabana rentals for after the wedding, get an umbrella, slather on that sunscreen and limit your time in the sun. Go for an airbrush tan if you must. Sunburns do not look very timeless in wedding photos.

Las Vegas loves weddings. Tell anyone you can that you are in the city to get married, from the airline check-in agent and hotel clerk to restaurant hostesses and spa attendants. And if that fails, you can always try the $20 trick for a suite upgrade. Don’t be shy! There’s no shame in asking and you receive a real bonus perk.

Budgets are a slippery slope. If you keep close track of your budget and remain aware of it even up until the morning of the wedding, it is less likely to happen. It’s easy to spend more than you anticipated in Las Vegas on non-wedding events, be it on a meal, a round of cocktails or pre-wedding gambling.

When I think of carrying delicate things home on an airplane I always think of the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry is burdened by a wedding gift he thinks is fragile but is actually just a welcome mat. Either have guests ship gifts to your home, have a gift opening back home or set up an alternative registry like these modern recommendations from Zola.

Revel in the attention you get as you walk through the casino, and happily pose for photos by well-wishers. Las Vegas loves love, judging by the reaction newlyweds get when they are spotted in the city. Take a moment to really appreciate and enjoy the attention from strangers and your loved ones, alike.

If you need to travel around the city because you have a wedding ceremony and reception in two different locations, avoid The Strip. It’s a traffic jam for most of the day and will cause delays, not only for you, but your guests. Also that Vegas bus tour you planned? You might be stuck in traffic for a lot of it, so plan accordingly.

On Google Maps, the distance between hotels doesn’t look so bad Bellagio is right next door to Caesars Palace, after all! But getting from your hotel room, down through the lobby, out to The Strip where you wrangle with crowds to the next hotel and then into the deep convention area where the chapels normally are, can take a long time. Longer than you thought. Especially when you’re wearing fancy wedding day shoes.

Was this post eye-opening? Get more Las Vegas wedding tips and advice.

Photo: Nan Palmero/Flickr, used under Creative Commons License

Lessons Learned: Mistakes Vegas Brides Made You Can Avoid!

Hindsight is 20/20, so they say. Looking back, I am happy to tell you there would have been many things I would have changed about my wedding day.

I would have reconfirmed the day before with the hairstylist that never showed, I would have made time for breakfast with my dad despite schedule changes and I would have brought water to my Neon Museum shoot. What were we thinking? I’ll tell you that first drink at our Border Grill reception never tasted so good, though!

Vegas Wedding Mistakes to Avoid| Little Vegas Wedding

The exact moment my photographer delivered the news that my husband had lost his pants, just 15 minutes ahead of our wedding

So, what would real Vegas brides and grooms who have gone through a wedding in Sin City have changed about their wedding? Lots of things, it seems. If you are a regular reader of The Knot Las Vegas forum, you will recognize some of the names sharing their wisdom, since these brides and grooms were kind enough to contribute their advice based on their wedding experiences. Added in are a few from LVW’s Facebook page.

A little perspective is a good thing from time to time, and sometimes we can get so stuck on one idea, it’s hard to imagine changing it. Hopefully you find this advice useful, especially if you are struggling with some decisions in your Vegas wedding planning.

I would find a simple short dress! I love my dress, but it is heavy and we are getting married in July. What the hell was I thinking with this huge dress?? – ssteele04

I would’ve picked a smaller dress for sure. – missmo14

If I had to do it again I might have picked one of the two-piece convertible gowns. Those look awesome. – KrisLSmiley

I would have picked one venue for everything! I wouldn’t have arranged to host so many pre-wedding parties and events
. – missmo14

Shoes! I would have had more comfortable shoes!!
– samiam125

Do not book all of your girls with the same makeup and hair artist as you! It’s too many women in one room and you will be late. Book your own and only invite 1-2 others (that can stay calm and help you) to join. Anyone that can’t handle stress should not be allowed in the same room as you the morning of. – Kari P

I wish my husband and I had gone out for breakfast/coffee the morning off, as I was too nervous to eat! – Courtney B.J.

I would not have scheduled my Strip tour for 4:00pm, since it was like 100 degrees in June.
– lauraaustin2003

I would not have ordered a cake. It was horrible and, honestly, after all the courses, plus the heat in July, I wouldn’t have had room for it anyway. – spoon1984

Don’t forget to take pictures with key people and do it early. Just grab your photographer and walk around the room. I missed out on many photos with people that I love
. – mistiqnunu

I wish I had taken more casual photos with my sisters while we were getting ready. There’s some great individual shots, but we were rushing to finish everything so we weren’t late! – Courtney B.J. 

We had an Elvis officiant and he was so funny and entertaining, I wish we had a recording to remember everything by! – kellamity

We asked guests post photos of everything and use a hashtag! From their travels to Vegas, to events on The Strip and anything from the wedding. I loved how connected our guest felt using the hashtag because we could all see each other’s fun photos! – Kari P

We should not have booked a day after brunch. Worst idea ever. Not just for us, but pretty much all of our guests. I DO not recommend one if you think your reception is going to get wild, and especially if you are going the DIY route and have to do things like return rental cars, glassware and clean up the party suite the next morning.
 – Kelly, Little Vegas Wedding

Would have liked to do more pictures but due to our ceremony being between 4pm and 4:30pm, the sun ended up going down at 5:30pm.
– connor1975

I would not recommend having your wedding before 4pm. We had an 11am wedding with a lunch buffet, but most of our guest were hungover, tired or not ready to drink. Around 1, some people started to dance and get in the mood, but it was tough getting the energy out of people that were partying in Vegas the previous night. – Kari P

I wish I had not changed out of my dress before we hit the hotel bar, since let’s be serious: when am I ever going to wear it again?! – Courtney B.J. 

I also want to point out this post on the Scheme Events blog that details some of the mishaps and problems they successfully navigated at Las Vegas weddings they planned. Funny in retrospect, but probably really stressful at the time!

Photo: Ryan Jackson

How To: Have a Hot Honeymoon in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Honeymoon Guide | Little Vegas Wedding

Whether you are eloping or planning a much grander Las Vegas destination wedding, chances are you will be spending a few days in the city following your big day. The question is: how do you make one of the most in-your-face cities in the world feel intimate, subdued and romantic? Well, it’s not that hard, actually.

I’ve rounded up some popular options and personal favorites for honeymooners in Las Vegas including romantic hotel suites, relaxing couples activities and where to head for amazing meals and cocktails to share together…should you ever manage to leave your room.

Las Vegas Honeymoon Guide | Little Vegas WeddingMandarin Oriental Mandarin Suite

W H E R E   T O   S T A Y

With so many options, it may be hard to narrow it down to a single hotel to stay in, but I would recommend these 5-star options: Cosmopolitan (upgrade to a Terrace One Bedroom or Wraparound Terrace Suite for fantastic fountain views), Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons Las Vegas or the SkySuites at Aria.

These are quieter, more romantic options where I am sure you will be taken care of. If you mention you’re honeymooning along with a sly slide of a $20 bill across the counter, you might just find yourself with a stunning view.

Las Vegas Honeymoon Guide | Little Vegas WeddingCo-Ed Spa Pool at Aria

W H E R E   T O   P L A Y

Rent a cabana or day chairs at your resort’s pool and just chill out drinking slushie drinks and revelling in the post-marriage bliss. Those at Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and Encore Beach Club are my favorites.

Go for a short energizing hike at Red Rock Canyon, just 30 minutes off The Strip, or visit the nature pathways at the Springs Preserve.

While I could never condone regular shopping on your honeymoon (even in the incredible malls of Las Vegas,) I would recommend shopping for something naughty or sexy together. Try Kiki de Montparnasse (The Shops at Crystals), PLAY the sexy hidden shop (SLS Las Vegas), Agent ProvocateurLa Perla (Caesars Palace) or one of these options.

From sensual Cirque du Soleil shows to burlesque dancers, you’re sure to find a hot show to suit both of you. Zumanity (New York New York) and Absinthe (Caesars Palace) have adult, distinctly sexy themes.

Pinball wizards will want to head to the Pinball Hall of Fame (1610 E Tropicana Avenue) which is a must visit if you like tilting and flipping, old school video games or want to whoop your partner’s butt in air hockey.

Start at Hershey’s World (New York New York) working your way north sharing a sweet chocolate treat at each stop: M&Ms World (Showcase Mall, near MGM Grand), Sugar Factory (Paris Las Vegas), ending with stops at Serendipity 3 and Vosges Haut Chocolate (Caesars Palace.)

To completely get rid of that post-wedding stress, try one of my favorite co-ed spas at Aria, Mandarin Oriental, Encore or Hard Rock Hotel. Not just limited to couples massage rooms, you can enjoy shared pool areas, relaxation and treatment rooms with your mate at these locations.

Try a mini pub crawl of downtown Las Vegas. East Fremont is full of amazing little lounges, rooftop bars and legit hidden speakeasies. Create your hit list from

Take a short one-hour yoga class alongside the dolphins at the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat (Mirage) or scale the 40-foot climbing wall at Canyon Ranch SpaClub (Venetian.)

Ride the High Roller ferris wheel (try to time it for sunset) or go for a helicopter ride to get a bird’s eye view of the night lights of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Las Vegas Honeymoon Guide | Little Vegas WeddingPeppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge

W H E R E   T O   E A T

Make your reservations for an amazing high-end dining experience. If you think you might have appetite problems around the wedding, wait a day or two post wedding to book in. Try: Twist (Mandarin Oriental), Joel Robuchon or L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (MGM Grand), Guy Savoy (Caesars Palace), or é by José Andrés (Inside Jaleo in Cosmopolitan)

For that old school Vegas feel, head to The Steakhouse at Circus Circus, The Peppermill Fireside Lounge (2985 S Las Vegas Boulevard, north of Encore) or The Barrymore (Royal Resort).

On your way to Red Rock Canyon and need a meal? Honeysalt, (1031 S Rampart Boulevard), Kabuto Sushi (5040 W Spring Mountain Road), Nosh & Swig (3620 E Flamingo Road), and Carson Kitchen (124 South Sixth Street) are all great choices.

No place does late night better than Las Vegas. 24-hour diners abound, but I suggest Grand Luxe Cafe (Venetian and Palazzo), Secret Pizza (Cosmopolitan) and the Vegas classic The Peppermill (2985 S Las Vegas Boulevard, north of Encore) for a one-of-a-kind old school vibe and cozy, secluded booths to canoodle in.

Sometimes simplicity is key, when it comes to your stomach and your wallet. Secret Pizza (Cosmopolitan), Earl of Sandwich (Planet Hollywood, Palms) and Tacos el Gordo (3049 Las Vegas Boulevard, north of Encore) offer cheap meals under $10. And they don’t skimp on quality, either.

Bouchon (Venetian) is a must do for that first meal of the day. Verandah (Four Seasons) offers a fantastic tropical morning atmosphere that will make getting out of bed worth it and Jean Philippe Patisserie (Aria) offers croissants and baked goods to bring back to your room. Of course, there’s always room service…

Avoid the buffet and go for more refined weekend brunch at Mozen (Mandarin Oriental), Country Club (Wynn), Fountains Brunch at Jasmin (Bellagio) or Hangover Brunch at bar+bistro (107 E Charleston Boulevard.)

Try the ice cream challenge at RM Seafood (Mandalay Bay), frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3 (Caesars Palace) experience next level Japanese desserts at Sweets Raku (5040 W Spring Mountain Road)

Las Vegas Honeymoon Guide | Little Vegas Wedding

W H E R E   T O   I M B I B E

Get close and personal with your mate and have a drink or three at these luxe lounges with a view: Mandarin Bar (Mandarin Oriental) perched on the 23rd floor of the hotel, the fountain-facing patio at Hyde (Bellagio) or Parasol Down (Wynn.)

Enjoy a bottle of bubbly at Laguna Champagne Bar (Venetian) or the futuristic Fizz (Caesars Palace.)

Vinophiles will love the selection at Hostile Grape (M Resort), D.O.C.G (Cosmopolitan), Wine Cellar and Tasting Room (Rio) or Aureole (Mandalay Bay) where “wine angels” grab your bottle from a 4-story tall wine tower.

Mixology fans will not want to miss BLVD (LINQ), or the super romantic 3-level Chandelier Bar (Cosmopolitan) where each level has its own special cocktail offerings.

Of course, the beauty of Las Vegas is that there are hundreds of experiences for a million different people. What is your honeymoon itinerary?

Beyond the Strip Club: 10 of the Best Fresh Ideas for Vegas Bachelor Parties

10 Best Non-Strip Club Vegas Bachelor Party IdeasPhoto: Cognac Lounge at Guy Savoy, courtesy Caesars Palace

You only have to watch The Hangover to realize how badly some Vegas bachelor parties can go. Luckily you don’t have to lose a tooth while gaining a tiger and baby to have a good time. This post is definitely angled towards the guys, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I wouldn’t mind doing most of the things on this list!

The options in Las Vegas for bachelor parties seem limitless. Nearly countless lounges and restaurants are there for some bonding time. Adrenaline-inducing wild experiences from skydiving to ziplining will get your blood pumping. Most hotels run packages for bachelor parties, too: e.g. Aria, Cosmopolitan and so on.

There are better sites to steer you to clubs and table service, and if you want a fully guided experience, check out They’ve been wowing grooms with their Vegas bachelor party experiences and VIP tours since 2000 providing golf outings, nightclubs, limo tours and more.

Read on for 10 of the more unique, offbeat and classy ideas you may not have considered for your Vegas bachelor party.

10 Best Non-Strip Club Vegas Bachelor Party IdeasPhoto: The Whisky Attic by Berryr3/Wikimedia Commons

1. High Class Boozing
$1 beers are fun, but how about you take things up a few notches and try some unusual or rare liquors to start out the night? Indulge in some fine cognacs by the glass at Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace inside their Cognac Lounge. The menu features a rotating list of sips ranging from $12-700 a pour, including rarities Hennessy Richard and Perfection by Hardy.

Just off Strip is The Whisky Attic inside the Freaking Frog, with over 800 whiskies and private rooms for groups. $75 per person gets you 90 minutes of education, tasting, a personal flavor profile and photos of your whisky experience.

The Las Vegas Distillery also runs tours and tastings or their vodkas, bourbons, moonshines and other boozy goodness.

10 Best Non-Strip Club Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

2. Ride in Style
Don’t cram everyone into a few separate cabs, rent a stylish ride to ferry you around town for the night! Presidential Limo offers Ultra Stretch Escalades for 12, Monster Hummers for 14 and Party Buses for larger groups. $45-175 an hour. Seeking the refined? Seiji Limousine rents a super classy 1928 Cadillac limo with seating for four (pictured) starting at $300 an hour.

10 Best Non-Strip Club Vegas Bachelor Party IdeasPhoto: Rare cuts at Carnevino, courtesy Carnevino Las Vegas

3. It’s a Steak Out
Nearly every hotel on the Vegas Strip has a steakhouse. Everyone has their favorite and “best of lists” are a dime a dozen online. The truth is many of them are great and most offer private or semi-private dining.

The spots I consider a cut above are the $150 beef tasting menu at Carnevino at Palazzo (a la carte dining for groups of up to 14, semi-private dining for groups of 10 or more) the $109 tasting menu at Jean-Georges at Aria (a la carte dining for up to 15, private rooms for 12 or more guests including a chef’s table) or the value-laden “cut of the week” menu at Charlie Palmer Steak at Four Seasons, which comes with bottomless wine pairings for $49.

10 Best Non-Strip Club Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

4. Mobster Style
A testament to the city’s history, the Mob Museum downtown offers their amazing Board Room as the perfect venue for the Good Fellas Blood Oath Ceremony for up to 8 guests. Become a Made Man as actors induct you into “The Family” at this unique bachelor party experience. Follow it up with a tour of the bars nearby on east Fremont…number 5 on the list!

Unique Vegas Engagement Photo Locations

5. Vintage Vegas Fun
Take things downtown and go old school Vegas by partying it up on east Fremont. Visit the legit speakeasy inside Commonwealth for 1920s inspired cocktails, get bottle service and play some video games at Insert Coins or visit the trendy Container Park for some brews. Fremont Street Bars is a great resource with frank reviews of the bars in the neighbourhood making sure you don’t waste an ounce of your precious drinking time.

10 Best Non-Strip Club Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

6. Smoke It Out
If relaxing in a leather chair in a humidor smoking a few good cigars is more your style, friend of Little Vegas Wedding and cigar aficionado Mitzula recommends Casa Fuente at Forum Shops at Caesars Palace on Strip. Off Strip, he says En Fuego on West Sahara, La Casa at Tivoli Village or West Wing offer comfortable lounges for the perfect cigar experience with the guys.

10 Best Non-Strip Club Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

7. Play the Field
Go beyond the sportsbook and visit Score! at Luxor, the ultimate sports exhibit that offers sports fans an immersive fantasy sport experience. Score! offers over 200 pieces of sports memorabilia from basketball, hockey, football, soccer, boxing and more. Want to see how your stick handling compares to The Great One or how your vertical reach stacks up against the pros? Live the dream and participate in challenges designed to measure you against sports pros.

Retro Vegas Bachelor Party | Little Vegas WeddingPhoto: Taylored Photo Memories

8. Shoot It Up
No, we don’t mean guns (but see below for more info on that.) If you and your mates are looking fancy, why not have a photographer shoot a few cool, moody portraits of you all for posterity? Check out this post for some photos of a awesome bachelor photo shoot from Taylored Photo Memories.

10 Best Non-Strip Club Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

9. MMA Fans…It’s Time!
Las Vegas is a hot bed of boxing and MMA training gyms — how about getting an insider’s view during a tour of them? This 5-hour tour has stops at various boxing and MMA gyms including Fight Capital MMA, UFC headquarters, One Nick’s Gym and Floyd Mayweather Jr’s boxing center, normally closed to the public. $79.99 a person at Viator.

10 Best Non-Strip Club Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

10. Stripped Down
Despite the title of the article, it’s impossible to mention Las Vegas bachelor parties without talking about exotic dancers. I would be a terrible blogger if I didn’t at least make a mention of the quintessential bachelor party experience: strippers. A little birdie shared a few tips with me for the best experience at a gentleman’s club in Las Vegas, which might be a little different than your local strip club:

  • bring bills to avoid hefty ATM fees at the club. Lap dances run about $20 a pop (ahem) plus tip
  • instead of hopping in a cab and paying cover charge, make sure you call the club for a free limo pick up for your group
  • start your night at Sapphire’s comedy and burlesque show before transitioning into the strippers. Tickets are $20, but VIP bottle service package and is $350 for five guests
  • a quick overview: Little Darlings offers fully nude dancers but serves no booze, offering hookahs instead. Spearmint Rhino is pricey but is said to have some of the best views in the valley, if you know what I’m sayin’. And whatever you do, and no matter how drunk you are, steer clear of the Girls of Glitter Gulch on Fremont

As you can see, the options are nearly endless in Vegas for bachelor parties. Other great options include taking your wingmen on a bachelor party flight, a round of golf, playing some pinballshooting guns or dune buggy races.

For the more chill experience there are hundreds of lounges, cabanas and restaurants to visit. Let’s face it, Las Vegas is a great place to do a bachelor party up right!

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