LVW Mailbag: Where to Find Sweet Treats

LVW Mailbag

Today in the LVW Monday Mailbag, a couple wants to know where to find macarons easily and some suggestions for candy/dessert bars.

Aloha Kelly,

We are getting married soon in Vegas and we’re hoping to have our reception in our suite. I was hoping you might have some tips on creating a candy/popcorn bar for the event? Also the bakery I might order the cake from doesn’t do macarons and my fiancé loves them so I was hoping to incorporate them in as well. Also a gift for our guests would be nice! 



Hi A,

There are a few places on Strip you can get macarons from: Bouchon Bakery at Venetian and Payard at Caesars Palace come to mind. Macarons are pretty popular these days and are fairly easy to find. Off-Strip bakeries would also almost certainly deliver.

There are companies that will set up a popcorn or candy bar for you and honestly, if you are coming in from out of town, I would recommend it as they will take care of containers, signage and flavours.

Try Popcorn Girl and B Sweet CandySugar Jar or Hello Kandy.

Good luck!


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