LVW Mailbag: Non-cheesy inexpensive Vegas elopement ideas

LVW Mailbag
Time for another LVW Monday Mailbag where you get to hear my thoughts and opinions on Vegas wedding planning questions.

Today, I answer a question about intimate, stylish but budget-friendly elopement spots that are light on the cheese factor.

Good Evening Kelly!

First of all, let me just say that your website is absolutely stunning! You have such a well-organized and adorable collection of information!

I am hoping to get your input. I’m getting married near the end of March and my fiance and I are looking to get married in a romantic, non-cheesy venue just the two of us. We prefer to have it “feel” intimate and secluded (not as if there should be 50-200 chairs that are missing).

Any venue from $500 (preferred) to $1,000 (considered) would be considered. Preferably tropical, but we would consider a garden setting (must feel organic and natural/outdoor).

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. We truly appreciate your response!


Hi S,

My first thought is to hire a minister or officiant and have them meet you at the gardens at Springs Preserve or at Symphony Park at The Smith Center, so you don’t have to pay a venue fee.

The Springs has a more desert-y feel, but the The Smith Center has palm trees so is more tropical and also has a nice green space, with lots of spots for great photos. They are both modern, unique and non-cheesy but still intimate and romantic. As a bonus, neither has chairs that would stick out as noticeably empty.

If you look through the elopements category on the site, you’ll find all sorts of options of couples featured who have done what you are looking for. More than I could ever name here! :)

It would also be worth taking a spin through the intimate wedding venues in the directory to see if something catches your eye.

Good luck!

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