Our wedding perfume series continues today with Angela Sanders, a writer at the perfume blog Now Smell This here to guide us.

Previously in the series we’ve gotten suggestions for a desert wedding, but today covers three perfumes for a classic Vegas chapel wedding. Not cheesy or cloying, these are sure to help you remember your day. Intrigued? Read on!

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You’ve watched the Rat Pack movies and scored a vintage Pucci mini-dress. Your best friends are waiting at the airport to fly to Las Vegas. (If only the old Sands were still open!) Sure, you want a wedding full of wit and fun, but that doesn’t mean you want a trashy fragrance. Well, maybe good trashy. Try these:

Neela Vermeire Bombay Bling: If you have the cash to spare, nothing says penthouse party better than Bombay Bling. Yet, the fragrance is complex, crafted from topnotch materials, and created by superstar nose Bertrand Duchaufour. [Read a full review of Bombay Bling]

Rochas Tocade / Prada Candy: Tocade is a confection of rose and vanilla that smells at once simple and inventive and delicious. Your guests, as they lean in to kiss you, will say something about how good you smell—you can count on it. You may have trouble finding Tocade in stores, but it’s a bargain online. Prada Candy steps in to cover the same “classy candy” territory, but not with as much romance. [Read full reviews of Tocade and Prada Candy]

Guerlain Nahéma: Nahéma is a lush—almost psychedelically so—mix of overripe peach and July roses made by one of the most respected perfume houses in the world. You might end up addicted to it. Nahéma has good street cred, too: it’s Shirley Manson’s (of the band Garbage) favorite. [Read a full review of Nahéma]

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Angela Sanders has been writing for the popular perfume blog Now Smell This since 2006. The Lanvin Murders, her mystery novel featuring a vintage clothing store owner, will debut in June 2014.