Vegas Wedding Tip: Comfortable Shoes by Linge

Recently, in my interview on photographer JamieY’s blog, I gave two pieces of advice for brides getting married in Las Vegas. One was to stick to your guns on decisions (something that’s probably good advice for many of us, everyday) and the other was: wear comfortable shoes!

I know many of you, especially those getting married somewhere on The Strip, will be traipsing all over the city to get photos, attend your ceremony and party down at the reception. This means wearing shoes for more than 12 hours in many cases. And I’m here to warn you that despite some hotels looking close together on a map, or thinking that it might only be a short walk from your suite or valet to the hotel chapel, the reality is that it’s not in most cases. Shoes that are brand new for a wedding will blister, cut and bug you more than you thought possible, possibly even if they are broken in a bit.

As a slave to fashion, I could never tell someone to switch out their beautiful wedding heels for orthopedic flats, so that’s not really an option. And of course, sometimes it’s not always convenient to bring a second pair of shoes because even the tiniest of flats may not fit into your bridal purse. That’s why I was so excited when Linge Shoes told me about their perfect solution: ballet shoes!

shoes-1shoes-12 shoes-3

They sent me a sample of their little ballet flats to test drive, and, boy did I! Although it’s still very snowy and wet where I live, I’ve been wearing these non-stop indoors the last few weeks to get a feel for them, and I love them.

Part dance slipper, part shoe, but all vibrant color and comfort, I think that these flats are a great way to keep your feet blister-free at your wedding as you run around Las Vegas hotels or get down on the dancefloor at your reception. Throw these lightweight shoes in your wedding day purse and slip them on and off as you hot foot it around. Your feet will thank you.


As a former figure skater and dancer my feet are in rough shape, I’m not embarrassed to admit. I earned those bumps! The soft leather hugged my poor misshapen feet and, much like slippers, I forgot I was wearing them sometimes. They’re also adjustable so you can get a custom fit, and the straps can be worn or hidden.

Linge Shoes are $59 and come in 12 beautiful colors which will accommodate almost any wedding palette, so they’d probably make a great gift for bridesmaids, too. I got the bright turquoise color, which is like a Tiffany or robin’s egg blue. Perfect for spring, and outside of the predictable black flat I always wear.

But just how small are they?

shoes-7shoes-8shoes-9 shoes-10

They have a super thin profile which makes them very easy to slip into the tiniest of bags. I used my wallet-sized wristlet as an example for how small of a space these shoes fit in in the photos. Of course, they also fit in my much larger purses, as well. The thin profile doesn’t afford them much arch support, so if you have trouble with really flat shoes, these may not be the solution for you.

They’re great for weddings, but honestly I can’t wait to wear my Linges on my next flight. I’m the worst and love to run around airports in high heels (see that slave to fashion comment, earlier) but when I’m on the flight my feet swell so I like to carry sock or slippers with me. Linges are actually smaller than my cozy slipper socks I carry for this purpose, and more stylish!

Linge Shoes get the stamp of approval from LVW for Vegas weddings, especially if you are planning on a Strip photo shoot!


Disclosure: Lingeshoes provided a sample for me to try out, but the words and opinions are all my own.