Above the flowers, above the shoes even above the wedding gown…there is hair and makeup. Because let’s face it, fashion changes, but a beautiful beauty look on your wedding day is timeless.

One of the most popular choices for wedding day hair and makeup in Las Vegas for brides and their besties is Glamsquad 702. They are a team of professional stylists, makeup artists and team members managed by James Carriera. James was born and raised in Hawaii, and spent many years dancing in production shows – something that sparked an interest in beauty and style. Working for big beauty names like Chanel, Estée Lauder and Lancôme allowed him to hone his knowledge in the field in many cities around the world before settling down in Las Vegas.

He was kind enough to answer this Q&A, and offer some tips for all brides getting ready for their wedding, and what you can expect if you hire Glamsquad for your wedding day hair and makeup looks. Be sure to scroll through to get to Glamsquad’s social media accounts – the before and afters of their clients are absolutely breathtaking, and I love the photos of the brides smiling after their transformation. Truly beauty from within.

Glamsquad 702 Las Vegas Wedding Makeup

For those readers out there who may not know who you are, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about Glamsquad!
I am James Carriera, founder of Nevada’s premier beauty and styling company. Glamsquad is a culture, a concept, a dream. We aspire to be the company in Las Vegas that you call for hair and makeup for photography and event styling. We partner with you to manage every part of your vision, making memories that last forever.

How many years have you been in business and how did you get into hair and makeup artistry?
I have been in business for over 25 years. As a professional dancer, I was exposed to stage makeup. I was a single parent and needed a way to support my children, so I used makeup artistry to keep us afloat.

Can you describe the Glamsquad signature look for brides?
Glamsquad’s signature looks for brides are timeless and glamorous.

Where do you find your daily inspiration?
Our daily inspiration comes from the women in our lives and the ladies we make connections with on a daily basis. Being with these clients is like a living classroom – we are constantly learning from every woman’s inner-self.

What is your preferred way to work with clients initially – email, in person, telephone? Should the client be bringing photos of what they envision their look to be?
Out of convenience and since most of our brides are out-of-state clients, we start with an initial phone call or email. We always encourage potential clients to Google us, check out our website and reviews made by brides we’ve worked with.

Makeup in the 702 joanna krupa
Model Joanna Krupa recently had her makeup done by Glamsquad

Although you are probably best known for your wedding day beauty services, do you provide any other services?
We do it all! We specialize in different categories, including celebrities, television, print editorial, events and photography. We also take pride in the belief that philanthropy is a real part of our job description. We regularly lend our services to non-profits and the community because we believe “you get what you give.”

What’s the best way a bride can prepare for her trial or wedding day makeup?
In preparation for the big day, we always recommend pulling photos of style and looks that the bride wants—the more you give us, the more we can give you. Of course, we also recommend taking time to celebrate your wedding. Brides tend to get caught in the stress of planning, but we want brides to take a moment and remember why they are doing this! Celebrate the journey and take time to acknowledge this beautiful experience.

What would you recommend brides NOT do ahead of the wedding day?
Sometimes it can be tough, but remember not to stress or forgo sleep – if you feel your best, you will look your best. We also recommend not to alter eyebrows or undergo skin manipulations (facials) 72 hours before. If you’ve never done eyelash extensions, we advise to stay away from them unless you are working with someone you know well. Many of our brides have reactions to adhesive, which does not lead to good results.

Glamsquad 702 Las Vegas Wedding Makeup

Anything else brides should know about the Glamsquad experience?
When working with Glamsquad, expect the best—plan on sharing something about you and your journey. We love getting to know the ladies we are providing memories for!

Have you noticed a change in what brides are asking for in terms of hair and makeup for their weddings? Do you see any big trends popping up for 2014?
Trends are trends, but clean, timeless looks are beautiful mainstays.

What is the one thing you wish brides coming to the city for destination weddings knew?
When coming to Las Vegas on a destination wedding, always remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This is a very dry location and women tend to forget something this simple.

Glamsquad 702 Las Vegas Wedding Makeup

On a typical Sunday I am usually…. but I’d rather be …
On a typical Sunday, there is nothing more that I want than to be with my nieces and grandchildren.

If I wasn’t a wedding beauty guru I’d probably be:
If I wasn’t a beauty guru, I would probably be a social worker.

Favorite song currently getting turned up in the car:
John Legend’s “All of Me” is what is turned up in my car.

Favorite product(s) right now:
One of my favorite products right now is Make Up Forever HD Foundation – it looks amazing on film.

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You can see more of James’s and Glamsquad’s gorgeous styling and looks at www.Glamsquad702.com You may also like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram! They are also found in Beautiful Bride Magazine!

All photos courtesy Glamsquad 702 Events.