Appy Couple Las Vegas Wedding App
When I got married just three short years ago, I did not even imagine a world where wedding apps were a possibility. iPads had been out a month, and the thought of the majority of my guests having a smartphone was not yet a reality. Crazy, right?

Nowadays, couples getting married have so many things to keep track of. Personalized wedsites, multiple wedding registries across various sites, email RSVPs, personal hashtags and multiple social streams where their wedding can be captured, from Instagram to Facebook, Vine to Flickr. It sets my head spinning. How to keep track of it all? Enter Appy Couple!

Appy Couple is a super easy and very stylish way to share information about your wedding and stay social with your guests – perfect for a Vegas wedding when your guests are sure to be having fun all over town over a few days.

Appy Couple Las Vegas Wedding App

It’s an all in one design that keeps track of all information your guests need to get them to the chapel on time, accessible for free from their smartphone or from a website. From event locations and times, messaging, suggestions for touristy things to do, registries, wedding party bios, photos and even games – Appy Couple has you, and your guests, covered with an incredible list of features. And all with the same beautiful design, and with your privacy in mind.

Worried you’re not tech savvy enough to use a personal app? That’s okay! Appy Couple is easy to use. It’s a drag and drop interface that works on iPhones, iPads and Android devices, guaranteed simple to use for both you and your guests. I downloaded the demo on my Android, and was impressed with both the speed and ease of use of the app.

Appy Couple Las Vegas Wedding App

For their partnership with Little Vegas Wedding, Appy Couple has released a brand new Vegas design! “Viva Vegas” is super modern with just a hint of the glitz and glamour of The Strip.

Not looking for a Vegas theme? That’s okay – Appy Couple has over 300 designs to match the mood, palette, theme and even the season of your wedding like the Fall Geometrics collection below.

Appy Couple Las Vegas Wedding App

And some more groupings of some of my favorites:


Appy Couple Heart Designs

Neutral Tones

Appy Couple Neutral Taupe Designs

Modern Purples

Appy Couple Modern Purples

As you can see, I had trouble narrowing it down! Luckily you can change your design for free… See all of the available designs here.

Can’t find anything to suit your particular taste? The design team at Appy Couple will work with you to create a one of a kind custom design for your wedding. And they also offer matching paper stationery for select designs for a professional, seamless look.

Appy Couple Las Vegas Wedding App

While they are in beta testing, Appy Couple has a one-time fee of just $28 which gives you the entire suite, with unlimited photo uploads, unlimited guests, unlimited stories, unlimited events. Future updates are included and app downloads are always free for your guests.

Even better – Appy Couple is offering a 20% discount to Little Vegas Wedding readers! Woo hoo! Just enter the promo code APPY4LVW at checkout to receive the discount.

This post was kindly sponsored by Appy Couple but the words and opinions are all mine.