Welcome to another edition of Sunday Funday – a round up of the best in Vegas wedding news and links, plus some beautiful stuff from the rest of the wide world web of weddings!

Things are FINALLY back to normal in my life as my parents have packed up, closed the door on their home for the last time and are signing the paper on their new place tomorrow. I returned to my home and have been absolutely luxuriating in a box and packing tape free life, and slowly getting back into the blogging groove. 40 something emails to go through today…yikes! Sorry for my tardiness!

But, lots of fun Vegas wedding stuff happened this past week, so let’s get to it!

federline prince marriage las vegas

Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline with daughter Jordan Kay Photo: AKM Images 

Local Links + News


Marrakesh via Palm Springs at this wedding! Photo: Hazelwood Photography

More Link Love

Alright – enjoy! I’m off to catch up on those emails…