I’m excited to be sharing a new feature on the blog with you today! Veronica Torres-Miller of Nostalgia Resources will be guest posting each month with a new tutorial on how to incorporate vintage props and rentals into your wedding.

Nostalgia Resources has a huge variety of decor available for rental for your wedding, engagement shoot or bridal shower, including large items like furniture, trunks or antique windows and smaller items like birdcages, antique cameras, vases and dish ware. (Check out their entire inventory here!) The pieces are available to rent by the piece, so you can pick the perfect items individually to add character and style to your event.

Today’s tutorial is a great way to spice up an antique door and turn it into an escort card chart. This is a great project to for a local or destination wedding that needs a dash of vintage charm as the smaller parts can be assembled at home ahead of time and then just placed on the door when you arrive.

Las Vegas DIY Wedding Decor

Without delay, let’s hand it over to Veronica as she walks us through this imaginative and distinctive DIY project for a seating chart!

Hello Brides and DiYers!  I believe that handcrafted items give more meaning to any celebration, especially a wedding, so this month I am bringing you an easy tutorial for making beautiful and unique escort cards.

You Will Need

Las Vegas DIY Seating Chart
  • Faux flowers
  • Paper tags
  • Pen
  • Xacto knife
  • Washi or other decorative tape
  • Number stamps and ink pad
  • Scissors
  • A larger decor piece like the pink Chippy door, an antique window or shutters

Step One

Las Vegas DIY Seating Chart
Write the name of the guest with a pen in the lower left hand corner of the tag.  Stamp the table number next to the name.


Step Two:

Las Vegas DIY Wedding Decor
Make a horizontal cut in center lower part of the tag.


Step Three:

Las Vegas DIY Seating Chart
Cut a flower with stem from the branch.  Insert stem of flower through the cut in the tag.


Step Four:

Las Vegas DIY Seating Chart
Tape to secure the stem of the flower to the back of the tag with either clear or decorative tape.


Step Five:

Las Vegas DIY Wedding Decor
Admire your work!


Step Six:

Las Vegas DIY Wedding Decor
Tape the tags to a door (for example, this is Nostalgia’s pink Chippy door) or any other surface and let the guests find themselves!

Thank you so much, Veronica! I can’t wait to see what next month’s tutorial is for! For more ideas, inspiration and rental ideas please visit Nostalgia Resources website, blog and like them on Facebook!

Photographs by Veronica at Nostalgia Resources