As June turns to July and July turns to Hotter than Hell in Las Vegas, I thought it might be useful to draw up a post with some recommendations on staying and keeping your cool at your wedding if you happen to be having one anytime May through September – especially if it’s outdoors. My Vegas wedding was in mid-May in the gardens at the Springs Preserve and although my vows and walking down the aisle were kind of a blur, there is one thing I distinctly remember: my legs shaking and just DRIPPING with sweat under my gown up on the altar. Gross.

These tips do not just apply to the bride or groom, either, but also to your wedding guests and wedding party. Be sure to add your tip for staying cool at your wedding to the comments, below!

1. Keep It Icy

Heavy dress with mega layers? A weak air conditioner in the bridal suite? Waiting outside for your ceremony to start? Ain’t nothing a little mini-ice pack can’t help! Placed on the back of the neck or knees – key circulation spots – these little beauts will help you keep your cool as you wait. Can’t find mini ice packs? (hint: make your own!) Use those disposable single use wetnaps from restaurants and throw them in the freezer or fridge. They’ll be cool little wipes of wetness when you need them most!

A member of a wedding forum also suggested to Keep It Dry: spray a powdery underarm antiperspirant on your inner thighs to keep them drier. Great tip!

2. Keep That Makeup On Your Face

making makeup last at a summer wedding

Now is a perfect time to revisit the guest post from makeup artist and beauty guru Amelia C! She wrote about makeup meltdowns and how to avoid them when having a summer wedding in the desert.

3. Keep Hydrated

I know it’s oh-so tempting to have more than a few drinks the night before… or the hour before your wedding, but save the booze for after the ceremony. Or atleast match each sip of booze with two of water. Keeping hydrated will help you keep your body temperature regular.

4. Keep It Breezy

staying cool summer wedding

DIY wedding program fans. Photo: Ryan Jackson

Consider buying fans and parasols. They make for nice decor, but they’re also really useful for keeping the sun and heat away in a fashionable way, not only for you, but your bridal party and guests as they wait for the ceremony to start. I incorporated fans by making our wedding programs functional and turning them into handheld paddle fans (above) but Beau-coup sells a variety of fancy fans and templates to make your own!

5. Keep It Shady

summer wedding tips

Sunglasses as favors at an outdoor wedding. Photo by Marianne Wilson Photography

Bring sunglasses! Not only your best friend the day after the wedding night, they are great for inbetween wedding photos to stop you from squinting in all of your shots. And if your hair style permits, you might also consider a big hat – a must in the days leading up to the wedding if you hope to get any pool time in, too.  They might also make a great wedding favor for your guests. Lots of people forget to bring sunnies for an outdoor wedding ceremony!

6. Keep It Local

vegas desert wedding bouquet

Desert wedding bouquet made of succulents. Photo by Robert Sukrachand

Pick the right flowers for the heat as the weather may also be a concern for the certain flowers you have your heart set on for your bouquets. Ideally, you would be wise to choose a type of flower that is tropical, can withstand higher temperatures or is not shipped halfway around the world before you even see it. Greenery and succulents make great hardy additions to your bouquet – consult your local flower vendor for suggestions on what is easiest to get and what lasts in heat the longest. You might even consider a permanent bouquet like felt, metal or paper. The last thing you want is to be holding a bouquet of wilting flowers by the time you say “I do!”

7. Keep It Light

Think about your dress and the material it’s made in and if your wedding ceremony is indoors or outdoors. “Beach” style or looser gown styles might be most comfortable and most breathable, and look for materials like chiffon, crepe, cotton eyelet, georgette and voile. Work with your wedding gown consultant or seamstress for their thoughts on the matter. Perhaps now is the perfect time to switch to something short and breezy from our list of 10 Affordable Little White Dresses Perfect for a Vegas Wedding!

8. Keep It Thoughtful

(Photo: Ryan Jackson)
(Photo: Ryan Jackson)

Shorts for the gents in this wedding party. Photo: Ryan Jackson 

You also want to keep the climate in mind when picking out your wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses. Light and airy fabrics such as chiffon, crepe or cotton are great choices to avoid everyone sweating up a storm at the altar. Shorts are a stylish option for the male members of the wedding party. Also consider your guests! Think about having carafes or bottles of water on a table for them, and umbrellas set up for shade. Letting them know in the invite ahead of time that the ceremony is outdoors or that the weather is likely to be very warm is helpful for them to dress accordingly.

9. Keep It Timely

If you are set on an outdoor wedding in the heat of the summer, consider an early morning or late in the evening ceremony, which might mean booking on a weekday if the prime spots are already taken.

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