wedding cake alternatives las vegas

Meringues from Chocolate & Spice Bakery

File this one under “It’s a Hard Job, But Someone Has to do It” – when I was in Las Vegas recently, I spent an entire day – yes, 8 hours, driving around the city trying all the different treats and desserts that could be had. Why? Research, for this article of course.

Las Vegas weddings are a little out of the ordinary, so why not go with something original for a post-wedding dessert? Wedding cakes will always be popular, but there are so many other choices if that’s not your speed, or you are having a smaller guest list that allows for more variety.

Below are 11 wedding cake alternatives available at bakeries in the Vegas area. Keep in mind many can be arranged in a wedding cake shape thanks to a tiered display cake tower, or stacked into a wedding cake shape if you still want that classic look for photos. Check out the Pinterest board of wedding cake alternatives I compiled. It’s full of different ideas on how to incorporate the desserts below into your wedding, from tiers of donuts to macaron “trees”!

Also know that many of these bakeries still do fabulous traditional wedding cakes as well.

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

Delicious doughnuts at Ronald’s Donuts

Donuts or donut holes

{Ronald’s Donuts, 4600 Spring Mountain Road}

Not too far off the Strip is a place of doughnut wonder, Ronald’s. Yeasty, a little sweet, fresh and moist – these doughnuts were amazing. Sprinkles, jelly-filled, classic glazed, chocolate, cake, powdered, peanut and cinnamon sugar were on offer the day I visited.

Display Ideas: They (donuts or just the holes) would look good stacked into a cake shape, vertically or horizontally!

Prices: $0.80 a donut, $1.00 for jelly filled, $1.30 for fancies. $1.00 for a dozen donut holes. Volume discounts available for orders of over 10 dozen.


 Glorious cake pop “cake” by SugarBella

Cake Pops

{SugarBella, online}

I did not personally sample these since they do not have a retail outlet, but SugarBella offers a variety of cake flavors in cute bite size pops and a beautiful stand  to display these sweet bites. They’re cake combined with cream cheese or buttercream frosting then dipped in chocolate and decorated. They’re very on trend right now, don’t you know?

Display Ideas: Uh, see photo above. :)

Price: Cake pops start at $24 per dozen and bouquets at $38.

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

Haha – can you tell when I visited Nothing Bundt Cakes for this photo?

Mini Bundt Cakes

{Nothing Bundt Cakes, 9711 S Eastern Avenue and 8320 W Sahara Avenue}

These delicious morsels are available in two miniature sizes: bite-size bundtinis and slightly larger bundtlets. 10 different flavors like cinnamon swirl, red velvet, white chocolate raspberry and a few classics are among the varieties and they are topped with cream cheese frosting. They’re moist and so cute!

Display Ideas: The bakery also rents cake stands for these.

Price: $16.50-45 for a dozen

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

 Meringues from Patisserie Manon


{Chocolate & Spice Bakery, 7293 W Sahara Avenue and Patisserie Manon French Bakery, 8751 W Charleston Boulevard}

I sampled meringues from both of these locations, and found the ones at Chocolate & Spice to be a little bit fresher, but the flavors at Patisserie Manon to be more varied. Meringues shouldn’t crumble in your mouth, they should melt.

Display Ideas: These would be stunning with their ripples and ridges on a tiered silver cake stand or as a tree.

Prices: Classic available at Chocolate & Spice. Vanilla, coffee and cherry available at Patisserie Manon for $0.50 each

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

Top: macarons at Patisserie Manon, Bottom: super size macarons at Bread & Butter


{Bread & Butter, 10940 S Eastern Avenue and Patisserie Manon French Bakery, 8751 W Charleston Boulevard}

This French delicacy pops up all over Las Vegas, but my favorites were at Bread & Butter (great sandwiches, too) and at Patisserie Manon. The flavors at Bread & Butter were fabulous, but the colors and texture got me at Patisserie Manon. Other popular places to get these include Payard Patisserie at Caesars Palace and Bouchon Bakery at Venetian.

Display Ideas: The larger ones could be stacked into a pyramid, or stuck to a cake.

Price: $2.50 each for a larger size at Bread & Butter flavors change but included mint, lemon, pistachio and root beer the day I visited. $1 a macaron at Patisserie Manon, flavors included peanut butter, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, lemon, raspberry, mint chocolate, coffee and ginger. They also offered cakes decked out with macarons.

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

 The mother of all cookies, Retro Bakery’s Megachip, on the bottom


{Retro Bakery, 7785 N Durango Drive and Drago Sisters, 6870 S Rainbow Boulevard}

I can never say no to Retro, and while I was there visiting and sampling, I picked up one of their legendary Megachip cookies. Three kinds of chocolate chips, and so jam packed I don’t know how the dough held it together. Perfect for cookie monster at your wedding. Doreen and Diana at Drago Sisters offer classic chocolate chip style cookies, but I nearly fell over when I saw they also sold perfect crescent shaped rugelach, just like my mom makes – flaky and not too sweet.

Display Ideas: Why limit yourself to just one kind? Make a cookie buffet!

Price: Cookies at Retro Bakery are $1.50 each, or they can make an 8-inch cookie cake with a day’s notice. Flavors rotate but include megachip, chocolate chip, oatmeal scotchies, red velvet chip and peanut butter choco chunk. At Drago sisters, sugar cookies, chocolate chip, nut white chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodles, linzer, Mexican wedding and shortbread style cookies are also available. $7.95-$9.95 a dozen

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

Top: coconut cream minipie at Drago Sisters Bakery, Bottom: flaky fruit minipies at Chocolate & Spice Bakery

Mini Pies

{Drago Sisters, 6870 S Rainbow Boulevard and Chocolate & Spice Bakery, 7293 W Sahara Avenue}

I remember when I first started seeing pies go viral on big wedding blogs a couple of years ago and I immediately groaned, “Why didn’t I think of that!” when it came to my wedding. I do love cake, but I love pie even more. Miniature pies are perfect for single eaters, and I think the dough is more tender in smaller versions. Plus – they’re cuter!

Display Ideas: Miniature pies on a table, mixed with miniature cakes, or how about individual ones served with ice cream? Perfect for rustic, homegrown weddings. I also like these three different sized pies stacked in a tier

Prices: Drago Sisters do miniature coconut and chocolate cream pies (I ate mine in the car) starting at $2.95-$4.95. Chocolate & Spice has more variety like apple (sold out when I was there, drat it), banana cream, pecan and more, priced at $5.25 and up.

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

Mint ganache filled chocolate sandwich cookies at Sugar Bee’s 

Homemade Oreo-style Sandwich Cookies

{Sugar Bee’s, 7835 S Rainbow Boulevard}

These perfect cookies at Sugar Bee’s were a mint ganache stuffed between two crisp chocolate cookies. They were photogenic and delicious – what more do you need in a wedding dessert? Thomas Keller, of Bouchon fame, is well known for his TKO cookies – “Thomas Keller Oreos” which are available at Bouchon Bakery in Venetian.

Prices: $2.50 each for these grasshopper pie-ish cookies at Sugar Bee’s

wedding cake alternatives las vegas

Truffles and chocolate as far as the eye can see at Chocolate & Spice


{Chocolate and Spice Bakery, 7293 W Sahara Avenue}

Perhaps better suited for favors, these truffles are all custom and handmade at Chocolate & Spice. While I was there I tried a few varieties including an imaginative Guinness and Bacon combination! Also on offer were too many flavors to share here: Earl Grey, maple pumpkin, raspberry, Champagne, blackberry sage, fleur de sel, mocha, açaí. The delicate treats did not stop there though – truffle pops, dipped bacon and chocolates were also available.

Display Ideas: Two word – truffle tree

Prices: Truffles and chocolates started at $1.50 each, truffle pops $3 each and dripped fruit and nuts $2.


How is a blogger to choose? Retro and Hop Scotch from Retro Bakery, the last stop of the day. Shortly after this photo was taken, I fell over, in diabetic shock


{Retro Bakery, 7785 N Durango Drive}

Arguably the most well known stand-in for wedding cakes these days, I think the best choice for cupcakes in Vegas is at Retro Bakery. You want fun flavors when you get a cupcake, and Retro has that in spades. Plus, they also do delivery to The Strip!

Flavors – where do I begin? They have seasonal choices but also well over 20 “standard” flavors like the popular and wild Hop Scotch, Apple Cider, Glazed Donut, Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter Cup, Maple Bacon and my favorite, Retro.

Display Ideas: A tiered tray, with a “supersize” cupcake on top, perfect for cutting for photos. You can mix flavors, and get all the joy of cake without having to wait for a piece to make it around

Prices: Available in regular and mini size, $29/dozen and $12/dozen, respectively.

vegas candy dessert buffet

 A candy buffet with an Earth and forest colored theme by For the Love of Candy

Candy Buffet

{For the Love of Candy, online}

Can’t decide? Want to really indulge someone’s sweet tooth? Go all the way with a dessert candy table buffet by For the Love of Candy! It’s a great three-in-one for your budget: coordinating candy by color makes for a great impact for decor and it also allows your guests delicious treats and, if you provide little bags, favors to take home! Again, I’ve never sampled the sweet treats at For the Love of Candy – but you can never go wrong with ANY kind of candy. Especially gummies. Yum.

Of course, there are so many other selections for your wedding cake alternative, or just for a sweet treat at a smaller wedding. Brides on Little Vegas Wedding have had freshly made crepes, and dessert spreads at their weddings, to name a few.

Brownies, ice cream…what’s your favorite non-wedding cake wedding dessert?

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not-wedding-cake013God, if I could have just one more bite of this Ronald’s Donut…

 All photos by me, except for SugarBella and For the Love of Candy which were done by them.