8 Vegas Wedding Venues featuring Animals

Las Vegas is full of opportunities for observing human animals, but also a variety of other species as well. What’s more, many of these locations allow for special events, including wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Read on for some of the more “wild” Vegas wedding venues!

nature weddings vegas
Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Silverton Casino

Silverton Casino

This off-Strip resort and casino boasts one of the most spectacular aquariums I’ve ever seen. It’s 117,000 gallons of salt water goodness, with many species of ray, shark and over 4,000 tropical fish. If that’s not enough, check out the jellyfish tank in the Mermaid Lounge or roll over to Bass Pro Shops to see some taxidermied land animals and freshwater fish tanks.

The wedding actually takes place underwater, and can include mermaids in lieu of bridesmaids, if yours prefer not to get wet.

Photo Courtesy: Sagebrush Ranch

 Sagebrush Ranch

Sagebrush Ranch is a horse ranch close to Las Vegas and they feature horseback weddings. Brings new meaning to the word “getting hitched.” This company will pick you up from your hotel, wed you in the desert and then treat you to a cowboy steak dinner afterwards.

nature weddings vegas
Photo Courtesy: Lion Habitat Ranch Facebook Page

Lion Habitat Ranch

When the MGM shut down their legendary lion habitat to make room for a nightclub in 2012, many wondered what would become of the lions. Well, they’ve just stopped commuting so much, and are spending their days full time on their ranch (they used to be brought daily to the MGM.) Around 40 lions, cubs to adults, live on the ranch. It’s located at 12175 Bermuda Road and the ranch is now open the public, including meet and greets with the lions, corporate events and even weddings.


Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

It’s been mentioned many times on this blog, but Mandalay Bay hosts one wedding at day inside the Shark Reef at 9am before the aquarium opens to the public. In addition to the early hour, you are only allowed a certain number of guests. Unlike the Silverton Casino aquarium, you get to stay dry, but it is sure to be a memorable experience nonetheless.

nature weddings vegasgilcrease

Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

When I contacted the staff at the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary, they stated that they have not yet held weddings in their facility (after a fire a few years ago, they have been renovating and upgrading) but they were open to it. They have an outdoor gazebo and you have the added benefit of being surrounded by some of the incredible local wildlife and plants found in and around the deserts of Nevada in addition to other amazing animals. {Goat photo courtesy: vgsgeek}


Bonnie Springs Ranch

This little gem is part replica western town, part zoo, part wedding venue. You can have a western style wedding with a BBQ dinner and meet some ponies, peacocks and potbellied pigs to name a few of the animals. They are also home to the Red Rock Riding stables, and so they offer horseback rides and weddings as well as an on-site motel.

nature weddings vegas

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat

This special area at the Mirage is not just an animal education center, it’s also a special events venue for rent. The tropical area offers lush foliage and the chance to meet white lions, white tigers, panthers, leopards, and bottlenose dolphins.

nature weddings vegas

Flamingo Gardens

The Flamingo name isn’t just arbitrary – the on Strip hotel features a large garden that is the home to over 300 birds, including a pat (the fancy word for flock) of Chilean flamingos, as well as swans, ducks, turtle and koi. The hotel chapel does have a special ceremony called Butterfly Kisses which is set amongst the birds in their tropical garden and features a live release of butterflies during the ceremony.

What’s your favorite Vegas venue featuring animals?