A way to make your dress look completely different is to add a wrap or bolero to it. These tiny jackets and wraps can be put on and off for photos, or if you get cool. I think they are a wonderful way to personalize your dress.

1. Perhaps not for everyone, this latex bolero would look amazing with the right dress. By Chrisst 2. This creamy concoction is ruffles made of satin, tulle and ostrich feathers by Dellton Couture. 3. A gorgeous glam old Hollywood ostrich feather shrug by ifanhour  4. Love the look of lace sleeved dresses but can’t afford them? Buy a lace bolero instead! By AlexBridal 5. Bold pink raw silk bolero by Bonzie 6. A structured ruffle made of merino wool from ProninA

Full disclosure: I wore a wrap made by the terrific team at Bonzie for my wedding. I had actually been looking for a dress with sleeves or an unusual top, but resorted to a plain dress with an added shrug on top. It looked like it was part of the dress, and made me so very happy.