etsy lust: bridal bouquet charms

wedding day bouquet charms etsy las vegas wedding

While my bridal bouquet did not have a charm attached, I still have the one that was on my prom one! It was a beautiful little bee, and it is a lovely memento from a bouquet I barely remember. I kind of wish I had gotten a little charm. They’re darling, and would make a nice keepsake to pass down in the future, or just wear around a necklace.

1. Hand stamped silver bouquet charm with custom font choices by juliethefish 2. Light blue Swarovski glass charm by imprintedpossessions 3. Soldered glass picture frame charm by glassrealm 4. Ceramic R2D2 Star Wars themed charm by aphroditescanvas 5. Rustic miniature wooden banner charm Morgann Hill 6. Double disc stamped charm by Diane Nichols 7. Handstamped bridal bouquet charm with Swarovski glass pearl and blue stone by Kelly Bourgeois