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Neon Museum Valentines Day “Walk-Thru” Wedding {Neon Museum}

neon museum wedding vegas

The lead-up to Valentines Day in Vegas continues with an amazing opportunity. Now that the Neon Museum is complete, the famous Vegas “Neon Boneyard” is available for weddings on February 14.

Already a favorite place for  unique engagement, elopement or post-wedding photos, the Boneyard at the Neon Museum offers a look in the history of Las Vegas through its legendary signs. The collection is now home to over 150 donated and rescued signs from various businesses, hotels and casinos dating from the 1930’s up until today, all located in a large two-acre outdoor lot. These produce a beautiful array of imagery, from the iconic and nuptial photo friendly red and white “Wedding Chapel Information” sign, the robin’s egg blue curlyqued El Cortez sign to the more quirky genie’s lamp from “Aladdin” with all sorts of bulb festooned signs with amazing typography in between. It really is one of my favorite places in Las Vegas!

neon boneyard wedding vegas

Dramatic lighting, unique dress and beautiful signage at the Neon Boneyard, images by Mike L Photos

The wedding option is a first for the Neon Museum, and for $777 includes a ceremony inside the Boneyard itself, which is normally closed off to those who have pre-reserved and cleared photo shoots or booked tours only. Also included is a photography package with 30 minutes of exploration and photo-taking time (that’s the “walk-thru” part), a champagne toast, floral bouquet and boutonniere and a bunch more edible and wearable swag. The couple may bring along four guests. You can read more about the details here.

For more information on the Valentines Day wedding special, or getting married at the Neon Museum any other day, contact Event Coordinator Cynthia Behr Warso: cynthia AT neonmuseum DOT org

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Photo credit: Ryan Jackson Photography and Mike L Photos

Details of first wedding featured here, second wedding here

9 Thrillingly Unique Vegas Wedding Venues: Skydiving, Scuba Diving and More!

Some of us love adrenaline more than others, and for those people, I recommend one of these totally awesome, totally exciting Las Vegas wedding ceremony venues. They’re for the couple who wants something even more memorable than a Las Vegas wedding, something a little out of the ordinary, something CRAZY!

photo: Stratosphere Hotel

We’re on a ride!

Roller Coaster Ceremony: Perhaps not the best for anxious or nervous brides and grooms, NY NY offers a roller coaster wedding. Getting wed at 67 miles per hour sound up your alley? With limited windows available you can get married in 15 minutes at a cost of about $600-$700.

Thrill Ride Wedding: If roller coasters are too tame for you, maybe you’d prefer to get married on the edge of the tallest building in Las Vegas while on a ride. The Stratosphere Chapel in the Clouds offers wedding ceremonies on the observation deck of the Stratosphere tower, then a ride on one of the rides they have 855 feet above the Strip. Packages ($339-429) include champagne, tower admission for 15 guests, a thrill ride on Big Shot, Insanity or X-Scream for four guests. Photography is extra.

photo: Lazy Toad

We’re on a boat!

Pirate Ship Wedding: T.I. (Treasure Island) in Las Vegas has a unique wedding for those of you who love cannons, sexy pirates and ships – “Song Ship Wedding“. This package ($1675-$3760+) allows the couple and two guests onto the ship at Siren’s Cove along the Strip for their ceremony, with room for other guests within 100 feet of the ship. There is a bit of pirate pomp and circumstance involved in the nuptials, so this is a bit themed more than exciting, but no telling when the Captain may swing in and try to snatch the bride away. No word on if a puffy shirt are mandatory for the groom.

Yacht Wedding: Not far from Las Vegas is Lake Mead, and that would make for a great day on the water, getting married on a yacht ($1300-$7000+) and partying after the fact, maybe even on a jet ski rental. Another excellent option would be to rent a houseboat for some time, have the ceremony and get to spend some time with a group of people playing on the water before and after the wedding.

photo: Silverton Lodge and Casino

We’re almost in a boat!

Silverton Scuba Diving Wedding: The Silverton casino, a little ways off the Strip offers a unique package that allows a couple to get hitched while scuba diving amongst 4000 fish, stingrays and sharks in their amazing 117,000-gallon aquarium. You can even request mermaids to serve as bridesmaids. Crazy!

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Wedding: If you’d prefer to wear more traditional wedding attire as opposed to a wetsuit, you can get married beside the sharks at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef. The package ($1500-1600) includes fees, champagne and a honeymoon suite. There are no outside photographers. The ceremony can only happen at 9am, before the aquarium opens to the public, and there is only room for 10 witnesses.

photo: Taylored Photo Memories

We’re in the air!

How about taking the plunge while flying through the air? Vegas Extreme Skydiving offers wedding packages to those who are truly seeking thrills ($1299+) While you do not actually get married while in the air, it is up to you if you want to get married on the ground then take the leap together, or do it after you’ve safely landed.

Helicopter Wedding: There is also the option to ride a helicopter to your wedding destination, ensuring privacy, and a thrilling memory to have forever. I’m told the views are also pretty special as well, both from the helicopter or the destination you touch down at to say your vows at, like the Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon. (Several companies offer this service) For photos from real Las Vegas helicopter weddings, check some out here!

We’re wearing runners!

A Marathon Wedding: Just this past weekend, the Las Vegas Rock n Roll marathon happened, and did you know they do weddings during it? Although they recommend it is for vow renewals, people have gotten hitched in the very quick (who wants to ruin their running time?) group ceremony. It happens at 5:45 outside NY NY Casino, and is free for entrants.

This list is certainly not the limit of what amazing wedding ceremonies you can have in Las Vegas. What’s your favorite Vegas wedding venue for adventure seeking couples?

For more wedding venue lists, check out 8 modern Vegas venues and spooky, gothic, Halloween style Vegas wedding venues.

Evolving Vegas venue list

I just wanted to highlight that as I’ve added weddings to the blog, this has helped flesh out the venue list a bit more as well. By accessing “The List” on the navigation bar up at the top there, or browsing venues on the sidebar, over there to the right you can easily see real Las Vegas weddings organized by venue, quickly and simply.

There are chapels and restaurants, in-suite receptions, country clubs, outdoor ceremonies, Elvis officiated weddings…a little bit of everything. And constantly being updated. So go check it out!


8 Ultra-Chic, Modern Vegas Wedding Venues

Here are eight fabulously fresh Las Vegas venues you may not have considered for your wedding. Did we leave out your favorite modern Las Vegas venue? Share it in the comments!

Update: here are 7 More Modern Wedding Venues! You might also like to browse through the coolest wedding venues in Las Vegas for ceremonies and receptions in the brand new Little Vegas Wedding Venue Guide! We’ve got them all, from modern industrial style warehouses to funky historic museums!

1. Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Photos courtesy Mandarin Oriental
Las Vegas’s Mandarin Oriental hosts one of the most expensive wedding packages in Vegas, but for those of us with more modest budgets, they also offer affordable options in one of the newest, most modern hotels on The Strip.

There is an air of exclusivity due to the design of the hotel, and the lavish, thoughtfully designed spaces and furnishings make for an opulent, clean feel. The ballrooms and restaurants feature unique spaces for wedding parties of 10 people through 600, and the catering features gourmet food that is a step above. View More Photos & Real Weddings at Mandarin Oriental

On Strip: Yes | Banquet and Cocktail receptions: Yes, both | Wedding Ceremonies: Yes | On Site Catering: Yes, no outside catering allowed | Accommodates: up to 600 people banquet style | More Information

2. CityCenter Las Vegas

Photos by Gaby J Photography, Brian Leahy and Aria.

CityCenter with three hotels (four if you count Mandarin Oriental) offers a range of options for those seeking a modern, chic venue for a wedding ceremony, reception or cocktail party. You could use a ballroom or rent a suite at Cosmopolitan, Aria or Vdara and hold your ceremony there, and do a photo session amongst the modern art pieces and sleek lines of CityCenter. Aria opened a dedicated wedding chapel in 2013, as well.

Cosmopolitan has a variety of modern art which makes for fantastic photos and sets the mood of the event, while Aria and Vdara have gorgeous modern waterscapes and landscaping details that look great in photos. Head over here for more information, pricing and photos of real weddings at various venues at ARIA, Vdara and Cosmopolitan.

On Strip: Yes, plus a host of on-site restaurants | Banquet and Cocktail receptions: Yes, both | Wedding Ceremonies: Yes | Accommodates: 2 to 1,000 | On Site Catering: Yes, no outside catering allowed | Booking Information

3. Rumor Boutique Hotel

Photos courtesy Rumor Hotel Las Vegas

The Rumor Boutique Hotel offers glamorous modern spaces for weddings and receptions, with elegant finishes and electric colors. It’s a very “Miami” feeling hotel, with contemporary furniture, on site catering and a smaller more intimate property with stunning views of the Strip. Due to its slightly off-Strip location, it remains a great option for those on budgets, too

On Strip: No | Banquet and Cocktail receptions: Yes | Wedding Ceremonies: Yes | Accommodates: 2 to 1,000 | On Site Catering: Yes, no outside catering allowed | Booking Information

4. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Photos courtesy Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is primarily a tropical themed hotel, but it actually features a very chic wedding chapel with modern touches and neutral colors. Mandalay Bay offers a number of unique options for wedding ceremonies and receptions, but their chapel itself is quite modern. With cubic touches and neutral colors, it has a definite modern slant.

They have more than ten different venues for ceremonies, so if you are not fond of the chapel, check out the many other Mandalay Bay wedding ceremony locations, indoors and out. View More Venue Photos and Real Weddings at Mandalay Bay

On Strip: Yes | Banquet and Cocktail receptions: Yes, plus a host of on-site restaurants | Wedding Ceremonies: Yes | Accommodates: 2 to 1,000 | On Site Catering: Yes, outside catering allowed in suites | Booking Information

5. Platinum Hotel

Photos courtesy Platinum Hotel 

Platinum Hotel, just a stone’s throw off the Strip, not only offers a non-gaming boutique hotel experience but vista views of the Strip, as well as modern furnishings and colors. With indoor and outdoor venues, there is a wide selection of choices, and anything from a rooftop cocktail reception to a pool top ceremony on a lucite catwalk is possible. View More Venue Photos and Real Weddings at Platinum Hotel

On Strip: No | Banquet and Cocktail receptions: Yes, both | Wedding Ceremonies: Yes | Accommodates: 2 to 1,000 | On Site Catering: Yes, no outside catering allowed | Booking Information

6. Las Vegas World Market Center

Photos courtesy Asha Efia, World Market Center

World Market Center Las Vegas offers modern, clean spaces, on-site catering, indoor and outdoor spaces and event planners. Special features like state of the art entertainment an A/V setups as well as indoor water features and Strip views make this a unique venue you might otherwise consider.

Contemporary design, geometric shapes, unique lighting and modern steel and stone finishes make for beautiful photo backdrops. View More Venue Photos and Real Weddings at World Market Center

On Strip: No | Banquet and Cocktail receptions: Yes, both | Wedding Ceremonies: Yes | Accommodates: 2  to 1600 | On Site Catering: Yes, no outside catering allowed | Booking Information

7. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

Courtyard reception. Credit: Smith Center

Photo courtesy Smith Center

The Smith Center is one of Las Vegas’ newest venue choices, and is actually a world class theatre and performing arts site. The venue hosts a number of features including packages with rentals included, well appointed halls with incredible architectural details, indoor and outdoor spaces and as one might expect for a theatre venue, grand stages and awesome acoustics.

Nearby are some fantastic photo opportunities, including but not limited to “classic” Vegas, urban streetscapes and the ever popular Neon Museum. These are in addition to the grand ballrooms, popular rainbow sculpture and Indiana limestone architecture. View More Venue Photos and Real Weddings at the Smith Center

On Strip: No, near Fremont Street | Banquet and Cocktail receptions: Yes, both | Wedding Ceremonies: Yes | Accommodates: 2  to 500 | On Site Catering: Yes, with Culinary Arts Catering and Four Seasons | Booking Information

8. Keep Memory Alive Center at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Interior of Keep Memory Alive Center Credit: Little Vegas Wedding

Interior of Keep Memory Alive Center Credit: Little Vegas Wedding

Designed by architect Frank Gehry, the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is a testament to the architect’s design sense and will wow any fan of modern architecture you know, both inside and out.

Part research center for degenerative brain diseases and part event venue, the Keep Memory Alive Event Center portion of the building can be rented for weddings and other special occasions with the proceeds going to fund the center’s research. For 4 hours the facility rental rates are $5,000 for events Mondays through Thursdays and $7,500 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Additional time is $500 an hour. This includes use of the in-house furniture which is a fabulous array of Frank Gehry designed sofas, Pedrali chairs, tables and bars – but that’s just the start, and an entire decor list can be provided upon request.

Furnishings are as modern as the exterior and a breezeway courtyard allows the space to “breathe.” The building itself facilitates extremely unique photos taken inside and outside of the space, and the location provides easy access to the nearby downtown district and Neon Museum. And it’s nice to know that the fees go to a good cause. Head here for more information and photos of the event space at Lou Ruvo Center.

On Strip: No | Banquet and Cocktail receptions: Yes, both | Wedding Ceremonies: Yes | Accommodates: up to 700 standing, 400 banquet style with indoor and outdoor spaces | On Site Catering: Yes, KMA Center works with three companies for on-site catering. Outside caterers are allowed after permission is granted, but there are extra fees | Booking Information

Looking for yet MORE modern venue choices? Check out 7 More Modern Wedding Venues in this post.

And if none of these venues fit the bill, check out our mega-directory of unique Las Vegas wedding venues including country clubs, chapels, desert locations and more!

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