If you are new to wedding planning and the world of wedding blogs, chances are you have already discovered the heavy hitters (e.g. Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes and Rock n Roll Bride) of the wedding blog world.

If you have been planning a little longer or are a newly married bride, you might have a few more wedding blogs on your roster reading list. These are likely to be more specialized sites, ones focusing on a certain region (ahem, Little Vegas Wedding, ahem) or even a certain style of wedding (modern wedding style on Brooklyn Bride) or even a planning element (like music, as seen on Soundtrack to I Do.) The cool thing about these sites? They are more likely to have content and ideas that aren’t seen by everyone and their bridal party, and may be more applicable to your wedding situation.

I thought I might use this opportunity to expose you to four wedding blogs that I think share content that is really useful for those planning Vegas weddings. You may already know about them, and that’s great! Please share any wedding blogs you like or that you think other Vegas couples should be reading in the comments.

 My Hotel Wedding

My Hotel Wedding

What My Hotel Wedding is about —
Stylish hotel weddings, and helping you plan one! Started by two sisters with experience in the hotel industry and event planning, this is an incredibly informative site.

I feel a certain kinship with the editors and writers at My Hotel Wedding, as so many of the real weddings featured on LVW are in hotels. They’ve kindly let me guest post for them, and I’ve featured the Las Vegas wedding of one of the founders, so we’re blog buddies. But the truth is, their content is super useful and I would love them even if we didn’t share our common interest and a blog-friendship.

What they have to say about themselves:
“My Hotel Wedding is designed to be your one-stop site for seamless hotel wedding planning. By providing you with imagery from real hotel weddings around the world, fabulous fashion inspiration to help you style your big event, and tips from seasoned professionals in the industry, we hope to provide you with knowledge and creative ideas for your own dream hotel wedding!”

Posts on My Hotel Wedding Vegas brides and grooms should read: 

Simple Elope

Simply Elope

What Simply Elope is about —
Simply Elope focuses on the intimate side of weddings: elopements. If you are after a larger wedding with all the traditional fixings, this probably isn’t the place for you. (Because it might convince you how amazing it would be to elope!) This blog is all about just the two of you. If you are weighing the options of a Vegas elopement, Simply Elope will give you some insight into the planning and how your wedding might look, as well as provide some great tips.

What they have to say about themselves:
“Simply Elope was started with one thing in mind; to share beautiful elopements and inspire couples by bringing them fun and creative ideas. Whether it’s a trip to city hall, a weekend at a bed and breakfast, with a few close friends and family, or in the living room of a couple’s first home together, elopements can be edgy, romantic, and everything in between and this blog wants to share them all.”

Posts on Simply Elope Vegas brides and grooms should read: 

 On The Go Bride

On the Go Bride

What On the Go Bride is about —
The reality of wedding planning these days is that many couples are extremely busy. On The Go Bride focuses on our busy lives and fitting wedding planning into that, not making your life about wedding planning. Based in Reno, this blog has a focus on beautiful real weddings in north Nevada and at Lake Tahoe, as well as wedding inspiration. It’s a beautiful look at the other side of Nevada weddings with lots of other good general wedding advice.

What they have to say about themselves:
“On the Go Bride is a daily wedding blog for the career oriented, professional, and busy bride. Featuring real stories from couples just like you who juggled planning their wedding while maintaining their busy lives. Find high quality vendors, be inspired, or view our quick tips and time saving advice.”

Posts on On the Go Bride Vegas brides and grooms should read: 

Fly Away Bride

Fly Away Bride

What Fly Away Bride is about:
What better combination than weddings and travel? From Italy to Morocco, Greece to the Grand Canyon, Fly Away Bride features unique global destinations for weddings. Although this Ireland-based wedding blog focuses on destination weddings in other parts of the world (think Africa, Europe and elsewhere), you will find much of the advice and ideas are useful for destination Vegas couples.

What they have to say about themselves:
“Our aim is to inspire and inform couples planning an unforgettable destination wedding and to showcase all things pretty that we can with this end in mind.”

Posts on Fly Away Bride Vegas brides and grooms should read:

So there you have it, a few wedding blogs you may not have heard of that I think would be great for you if you are planning a Vegas wedding!

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  1. Lauren

    Kelly, Thank you so much for including us in this article and your kind words! We are honored to be on this list and hope to keep producing great content for all the wedding couples out there. Next time we’re in Vegas, we must get together!

  2. Adri

    Thank you for the post. Always love learning about some cool and unique weddings blogs for inspiration for our Vegas alternative brides.

  3. Krisstin | On the Go Bride

    I am so honored to be included in this post. I think the ones you chose to highlight are all amazing blogs! I love that you included what you liked about each one. Thank you so much for the shout out!