The Little Vegas Wedding wedding perfume series continues today, with Angela Sanders, a writer at the perfume blog Now Smell This guiding us.

Previous posts suggested perfumes perfect for a nature-inspired wedding in the desert, and scents made for a classic Vegas chapel wedding. But today Angela shares three perfumes suited for a luxurious Vegas resort casino wedding. Those having modern in-suite weddings and chic little elopements should take note!

— — — — — —Perfumes for a Luxury Vegas Wedding | Little Vegas Wedding

Hey, this is your day to be princess. Kate Middleton and Will would be put to shame by the hand-tatted Belgian lace on your dress and the opulence of the quail eggs with caviar at the reception. You need a fragrance that swoons with passion and luxury. Here’s what I propose:

Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower: Carnal Flower is the ne plus ultra of narcotic tuberose and gardenia. Its green edge keeps it from going over-the-top—but just barely. Plus, Carnal Flower wears like iron. Put it on after breakfast, and you’ll still catch wafts as you dance at midnight. [Read a full review of Carnal Flower]

Christian Dior Diorissimo: If your brand of class is more elegant than voluptuous, Diorissimo’s haunting ode to lilies of the valley, created in 1956, might be just the thing to wear as you start a new life. It was one of Princess Diana’s favorites. [Read a full review of Diorissimo]

Elie Saab Le Parfum: This one is for the modern traditionalist. Le Parfum takes orange flower—a universal symbol of purity and favorite of brides—and twists it until it sings arias in coloratura soprano. Somehow Le Parfum manages to be both innocent and breathlessly racy. [Read a full review of Elie Saab Le Perfum]

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Be sure to come back next Wednesday for the finale of Pick Your Perfume to get tips on where to shop for perfumes in Las Vegas and how to get extra long wear on your wedding day from your new scent. You may also read Angela’s previous guestposts in this series.

Angela Sanders has been writing for the popular perfume blog Now Smell This since 2006. The Lanvin Murders, her mystery novel featuring a vintage clothing store owner, will debut in June 2014.

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