Many wedding bloggers were doing annual roundups just as 2014 began, but I thought it would be more fun to play off the Academy Awards and give honorary Oscar “nominations” for some favorite photos from posts featured on the site in 2013. The photos are a mix of personal choices and those that were popular on social media*. Mostly, it’s just a chance to highlight some amazing photography and work by various vendors from 2013. It was an amazing year on the blog, and I wish I could have included so many more!

So, presenting the nominees in the following categories: Best Visual Effects, Best Drama, Best Props, Best Set Design, Best Wardrobe Design, Best Kiss, Best Picture, Best Supporting Cast, Best Hair and Makeup and Best Cinematography! If you click the photo, it will bring you through to the full post if you would like to see more.

* tallied in a totally scientific way (…not)

Best Visual Effects

Vitamin C Photography 
Gin & Sake Productions 
F-Sequence Photography
Josh & Jen Photography
Every Detail Photography

Best Drama
KMH Photography
Jennifer Steffen Photography
Jennifer Steffen Photography
Fisheye Photos
Kristen Weaver Photography
Key Lime Photography

Best Props

Vitamin C Photography
Gaby J Photography
Taylored Photo Memories
Ali McGhie Photography
Easton Studios LV
Dott Photography
Davista Photography
Key Lime Photography
Renaissance Studios Photography
Josh & Jen Photography
JamieY Photography

Best Set Design

Emily Ku Photography, Planning by Semper Fi Events
Denise Burridge Photography, Rentals by Nostalgia Resources
Weddings by Scott & Dana, Styling by When Pigs Fly Events
The Emerics, Paris Las Vegas
Elizabeth Le Photography, Styling by the bride
Gaby J Photography, Fun City Motel
Lin & Jirsa Photography, Styling by Shawna Yamamoto Event Design

Best Wardrobe/”Costume” Design

Brilliant Imagery, Dress: Tory Burch “Panzi”
Ron Dillon Photography, Gown by Vera Wang “Ethel”
Isaac Wu Photography, Dress: Allsaints “Parachute”
Glitter Lens Photography, Dress: Vivien of Holloway, Corset: Louise Black, Suit: Palm Beach Vintage
Ella Gagiano Photography, Dress: Mina Olive
Ron Dillon Photography, Dress: Delphine Manivet ”Alexis”
Mary Meyer Photography, Suit: Custom

Best Kiss

KMH Photography
Mary Meyer Photography
j anne photography
Ella Gagiano Photography

Best Picture

Moxie Studio Photography
Weddings by Scott and Dana
Weddings by Scott and Dana
Gin & Sake Productions
Maria Angela Photography
Star Thrower Photography
Fabio & Adri Photography
Blushing Bride Studio

Best Supporting Cast

Two nods go out for this one, for two important groups of people. First, the band of professionals that pulled together to make a British couple’s wedding come true after their venue shut down suddenly just before their Halloween wedding.

And to the team at Wish Upon a Wedding Las Vegas, who are there to help wedding dreams come true for couples coping with terminal illness or disability.

Best Cinematography

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Lin & Jirsa Photography, beauty: Beauty by Lishma
j anne photography, beauty: Your Beauty Call
Adam Trujillo Photography, beauty: Your Beauty Call
JamieY Photography, beauty: Stevee Danielle Hair & Makeup
Every Detail Photography, beauty: by the bride
Sun & Sparrow Photography, beauty by Makeup in the 702
Brilliant Imagery, beauty: Amelia C& Co
Taylored Photo Memories, beauty by Glamsquad 702
Gaby J Photography, hair: Rosa Dunn, makeup: Celina Rodriguez

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