Tutera Ambush Wedding Las Vegas

It’s not often I will dedicate something like this to its own post, but I think it warrants it in this case, since this might be a fun opportunity for some of you out there, and the deadline is coming up soon!

Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera is involved in a new reality TV show filming in Las Vegas (and LA) about what else? Weddings, of course! David Tutera Unveiled presents Ambush Weddings! They are currently seeking couples to star on the show.

If you have been dating or engaged for a while and are impatient for your wedding day to arrive, why not “ambush” your loved one during a trip to Las Vegas with a surprise wedding? David Tutera and his team of pros will be waiting in the wings to create a stylish pop-up wedding ceremony that is so chic your partner can’t refuse. This opportunity is for anyone at any stage of the wedding planning process, and is free. 

I’m not sure I totally agree with ambushing someone with a wedding, since that’s not really my style, but if you like to live life on the edge, this is an amazing opportunity. Apparently it’s the latest trend in the wedding world? Vegas weddings are already fun, why not take it to the next level?

Your event must be between March and June 2014 in Las Vegas (or Los Angeles) and you must be a US resident. Head here for more details and to apply for this opportunity! 


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