I’m super excited to present today’s Better Know a (Vegas) Vendor interview because you are getting three for the price of one! The three powerhouse ladies at Scheme Events: Traci, Rissa and Tara, were kind enough to answer a few questions about themselves and their abilities and services, which really run the gamut and are not just limited to weddings. From planning birthday parties to intimate engagements or full ballroom wedding events, they specialize in personalized event planning, in Nevada and elsewhere.

But without further delay, I’ll let Team Scheme take it away!

Rissa, Tara and Traci of Scheme Events / photo: chelsea nicole

LVW: For those readers out there who may not know who you are, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about Scheme Events.

Scheme Events is a trio of talented Las Vegas wedding and event planners. We bring a contemporary sense of style and design to weddings and events. We find inspiration in everything from rustic hanging bistro lights to an avant-garde ballroom; a succulent desert experience to a glamorous Gatsby soirée; custom crafted backdrops to a lace antique gown. We listen to your wants and needs to design a personalized event. The three of us want to create a lasting friendship with you that extends beyond the planning process.

 Are you originally from Las Vegas?

Traci: No, I am actually originally from Kansas. “There is no place like home.” I have been a Las Vegas local for almost four years now and loving every second of it!

Rissa: No, I was born in Vancouver, Canada and age seven I moved to the Salt Lake City area. I have been in Las Vegas for seven lucky years.

Tara: Originally from Orange County California and moved to Las Vegas with my family 16 years ago! I still dream about the sand and the sun.

 How many years have you been in business and how did you get into event planning?

Scheme Events has been in business for three years. Each of us came from a different background, and graduated from different universities across the country. We all attended an extensive certification course in Wedding Coordination and Design. Following the class we decided to join forces and brain power to start Scheme Events together.

What were you doing before you got into planning, and how did the three of you come to work together?

Traci: I graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelors in Strategic Communication and a Bachelors in American Studies. I moved to Las Vegas in July of 2009 and realized I wanted to work in weddings and events and began the certification course where I met these two amazing ladies!

Tara: I went to UNLV and studied Meetings and Events Management while working at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. I learned the ins and outs of concerts and large conventions and then became the Sales Manager at Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar where I gained experience in food service and banquets. I met the girls through the certification course we took together.

Rissa: Before owning Scheme, I graduated from UNLV in Meetings and Events Management while working at Fountainebleau. I previously worked in events for a local non-profit organization and managed a small business. I used these various experiences to collaborate with Tara and Traci.

What is your preferred way to work with clients – email, in person, telephone? 

We communicate with clients however it is easiest for them. Many clients find it easiest to email as they are in different time zones, overseas and in different countries so the time difference is hard to reach us by phone. However, if the client likes to call us, they have our office and cell phone numbers so they are able to call us or text us when they have questions or need something.

photo: studio n

What is it that makes a Scheme Event a Scheme Event?

A Scheme Event is really up to the couple. We love to “scheme” with them and make their wedding a reflection of who they are as a couple.

Do you have a favorite Vegas venue?

We love unique venues and are always on the search for the next new place, but we search for a venue that is a perfect fit for the couple and love working at where they choose to have their wedding.

photo: chelsea nicole

Where do you find your daily inspiration?

Traci: I am inspired by my closet. I shop often and very likely have a shopping addiction, but when I open my eyes in the morning. My inspiration is immediately drawn through what I wear, whether it be more rocker chic, bold patterns or colors or just jeans and a band tshirt. I am inspired.

Tara: Home décor stores! I window shop quite often, it really is just an excuse to shop.

Rissa: I am inspired by unique food and beverage presentation. Coming up with new ways to present food and beverage is something I always look for.

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the overall trends people are choosing for their wedding events in the past few years, from “offbeat” to rustic and so on. Do you see any big trends popping up for 2013?

We think that Art Deco will be a huge. With the style of the cakes and colors, it is looking to be a great 2013 trend. Honeycomb patterns and graphics will also be a huge trend in the near future… keep an eye out for it.

Are there any themes you find particularly timeless?

A traditional all white wedding is always going to be beautiful and timeless no matter what the year.

photo: amy rhodes photography

What is the most challenging task you were asked to produce for a wedding?

We were asked to plan a wedding in the middle of a dry lakebed! Such a cool idea and we planned the entire thing around the weather being flawless and perfect.When April rolled around and their wedding day came, it was W-I-N-D-Y, ok let’s be real…70 miles per hour winds! We drove out to the dry lake bed to meet the rental companies and begin setting up; we were then told that they were unable to unload the trucks due to the high wind speeds, nothing would stay in place. We had to completely recreate the feel of the wedding in a warehouse. The couple still said ‘I Do’ out at the dry lakebed with several of their guests in attendance and came to the warehouse for their reception and partied all night long… where there was no wind.

 What is the one thing you wish couples wedding in Vegas knew?

It is hot in the summer! If you are looking at tying the knot in June through August, make sure the ceremony and reception are inside, or reconsider. Your guests will be miserable if they are sitting outside sweating.

Looking back, I really wish I had incorporated some form of planner for my event – and it was just 40 guests! Why do you think brides and grooms who have not considered using your services should reconsider? 

There are always going to be questions the day of your wedding. Do you want everyone asking these questions calling your phone and asking them while you are trying to get ready, take pictures, etc? We take care of that for you. We let the vendors know to contact us if they have any questions… not the bride and groom.

Favorite part of the wedding day?

Traci: The toasts! I love watching guests enjoy stories about both the bride and groom.

Tara: Watching the groom when the bride walks down the aisle.

Rissa: Seeing the first look. I always try to sneak-a-peek when this is happening.

Where can we see more of your work? 

You can view more work at www.schemeevents.com or www.schemeevents.com/blog. Stop by and see us!

 And some fun questions…

On a typical Sunday I am usually…. but I’d rather be …

Traci: If it is after a wedding, I am hopefully getting a manicure and pedicure!

If you weren’t an event planner, you’d probably be:

Tara: Probably something really boring; I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing!

Favorite place for breakfast:

Rissa: My kitchen—when my husband makes breakfast crepes!!

Tara: The Grand Lux café at the Venetian.

Last book you read:

Rissa: Does this mean the last book I completed?? I currently have 4 books on my nighstand that I’m in the process of reading…but that process has lasted months and months. Usually I’m a speed reader but I haven’t had much spare time to catch up on leisure reading!

Coffee or tea?

Traci: It depends! I switch back and forth so often. I drink coffee religiously for a couple months and then drink tea for a couple of months. Overall, I think iced tea is my favorite of all time though!

Thank you so much ladies!  It bears mentioning that the Scheme Events portfolio and blog are amazing. The portfolio (organized by color!) offers a snapshots of the event that paint a picture of what they are able to do.

Their blog, which is not just limited to photos of their events, is absolutely inspiring, even if you are not thinking about planning a wedding. These women have their fingers on the pulse of trends – not just in event planning and weddings, but fashion, decor and more, and this comes out in their very personal blog posts, and are excellent resources to use.

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