As I was gathering information to post about the Chapel of the Fountain at Circus Circus the other day, I was really disappointed by the lack of … well, ANY theme at the chapel. It’s nice enough, being recently renovated with an “English garden” theme, but, well, I thought it might be more…circusy.

That got me to thinking, what kind of wedding DID I envision would happen at Circus Circus? My first thought was Hunter S. Thompson, but he’s not very romantic. So I started making an inspiration board of what I thought a reception following a wedding at Circus Circus could look like.

And so “Vegas Vision” inspiration boards were born! Think of all the fun ones you could make for different resorts, casinos and locations around Vegas. They’re not really based in reality, but that’s the fun! Look for a new one coming out soon…

If you would like to make your own, the theme is Circus Circus. If you want to share, you can create it on Pinterest and tag the board #VegasVision or tag me @lilvegaswed. You can also email me the board: littlevegaswedding AT gmail DOT com 

It doesn’t have to be as “full on” big top as mine! If there’s enough interest, I’ll share my favorites next week. 

circus circus vegas wedding board
Vegas Vision: Circus Circus

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Taffeta bubble dress by Jak’s Flower Girl Dresses // Animal Cracker Favors by Kara’s Party Ideas (Photo: Lyndsey Fagerlund) // Circus Themed Invite by Pepita Press // Red and white striped shrug by Poisoned Creations // Big Top Cake by Retro Bakery Las Vegas (Photo: Kari Haskell) // Black and white swirled lollipop bouquet by Lollipop Brides // Balloon accented desert engagement shoot photo: Chelsea Nicole Photography