I consider myself kind of frugal. In some ways, that is. I’ll buy generic brands at the supermarket, enjoy shopping at thrift shops and will play the “will it still be here when it goes on sale” game at clothing stores. On the other hand, I love luxury hotels and I love eating at fancy restaurants. And I bought some super pricey kopi luwak coffee last week. Oops! I guess as long as I recognize those are splurges, I’ll be okay.

This morning on the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Twitter feed, I saw a press release for the “Ultimate Luxury Wedding.” It’s a (starts from) $100,000 affair that includes shoes from Jimmy Choo (for the bride only, it would seem) and a dress and signature scent consultation at Lanvin. (Okay, I’ll admit my heart fluttered a bit at the thought of a Lanvin wedding gown.)

It also includes:
• Luxury wedding reception for up to 200 guests at Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas (no decor, floral or music, however)
• Three nights in a bridal suite at Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas
• Diamond pendant by Harry Winston
• Set of two toasting glasses from Baccarat
• A seven-night honeymoon stay at any Mandarin Oriental hotel

For me, a luxury wedding would be a meal for my closest family and friends in the Krug room at Guy Savoy. That’s not a cheap experience, either.

Does spending more make it more memorable for you? For your guests? Is it easier to pay up front and let someone else do all the driving? Leave your thoughts below! For more information on a wedding at Mandarin Oriental LV, click here.

Image courtesy: Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

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  1. RocketBouchard

    I’m a middle class boy at heart, so I take more pleasure from saving money than spending it. Therefore, I couldn’t enjoy a $100,000 wedding. I would just be thinking the whole time “that wasn’t worth it”, “they overcharged for that”, “I could have done a better job there”, etc..

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  3. Majesta

    Hi just informing you that Cosmopolitan is not part of City Center

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