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Welcome to the Little Vegas Wedding Photography Directory! No matter your budget or if you need someone for engagement photos, a last minute elopement or huge traditional wedding you’ll find someone to fit the bill and capture your wedding or engagement with fantastic, totally memorable photos.

The members of this directory were personally selected by me because I love their work and think you will as well. There are a lot of great choices available here, so enjoy browsing! Photographers are sorted by shooting style, or you can browse everyone at once.

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Gaby J Photography
Gaby J Photography
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Capturing weddings, portraits, & engagements with an artistic approach through light, love and film cameras.

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j anne photography
j anne photography
If you could ever mesh whimsical, romantic, and candid into a smooth and bright photograph... that would be my style. I love laughter, and the way that laughter photographs so genuinely. I believe in raw emotions, and unchoreographed moments; however, I am unafraid to step in when needed so that I can capture a wedding day in the best way possible. Well... that was pompous... I TRY to capture a wedding the best way possible, but that is definitely skewed by what my perception of 'the best' really looks like. ;) If you'd like to see my perception of a wedding day, please hop over to xo.
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Mad Love Weddings
Mad Love Weddings
We are Cindy & Amy, a wedding photography team based in Las Vegas. We love the romance and atmosphere surrounding weddings. Love is a powerful thing, and we love capturing it. We offer a thoughtful, clean and modern approach to wedding photography.
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