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Pick Your Perfume, Part Four: Perfume Shopping in Las Vegas

Wedding Perfumes | Little Vegas Wedding

If you’ve been following the series of guest posts about wedding perfume, you’ve gotten nine (well, eleven, actually) different perfume options for three distinct Vegas wedding styles: a desert wedding, Vegas chapel wedding and Strip hotel and casino wedding. Today is a more general post that provides tips on making your perfume go the distance on your wedding day, where to buy perfumes in Las Vegas, and more!

How Do You Make Your Wedding Day Perfume Last?
It makes sense that you would like your scent to last as long as possible on your wedding day. Angela shared some tips at the perfume blog Now Smell This on how to make your perfume last throughout your wedding day, including applying eau de toilette over moisturizer (fragrance-free, or matched to the scent) which prevents evaporation from the skin and adds length to your perfume’s wear.

For even more staying power, Angela recommends you use a more concentrated parfum of the scent in addition to the lighter eau de toilette, which could have extraordinary lasting power when paired together. You might also transfer some of your scent to a small atomizer so you can carry it with you to reapply throughout the day’s festivities, just as you might do with lipstick. You can buy these atomizers at Sephora, and also some drug stores.

Wedding Perfumes | Little Vegas Wedding

Where to Buy Perfumes in Las Vegas
It’s no Paris when it comes to perfumeries, but Las Vegas has a variety of locations where you can sniff, sample, and purchase many fragrances. It’s a great place to go shopping if you come from an area where the selection is not quite as good, like I do.

In addition to mainstream stores like Sephora and department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom who carry more commonly found fragrances, there are a number of spots that offer more unusual and hard-to-find scents.

Skins 6I2 at Cosmopolitan is a great place for some more niche perfume shopping in Las Vegas (via Skins 6I2)

Skins 6I2 at Cosmopolitan is a great place for some more niche perfume shopping in Las Vegas (via Skins 6I2)

This is not a comprehensive list and you will find stock changes from time to time at the shops, but it’s a good place to start. If you have a particular scent in mind (perhaps one of Angela’s recommendations) you can often check with the particular brand’s website for a store finder or stockists.

Many luxury brands have their own fragrances in the multiple locations of their boutiques up and the Las Vegas Strip including: Burberry, Chanel (carrying Les Exclusifs de CHANEL perfumes) Cartier, Givenchy, Fresh, Fendi, Dior (carrying La Collection Privée), Hermès, Emporio Armani, Lanvin, Lalique, L’Occitane, Coach, Tiffany, Tom Ford, Prada (Exclusive Collection at Crystals) and Van Cleef & Arpels (carrying Collection Extraordinaire) to name a few. Try Wynn Esplanade, Fashion Show Mall, Via Bellagio shops, Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian and Palazzo, Forum Shops at Caesars and The Shops at Crystals for these stores.

Acca Kappa, Guerlain (including the Exclusive Collections) and Jo Malone have dedicated standalone boutiques at Venetian and Palazzo. Fresh and Agent Provocateur have locations at Caesars Palace Forum Shops.

For more speciality and niche scents such as Annick Goutal, Acqua di Pharma, Amouage, Apothia Los Angeles, Bois 1920, Creed, The Different Company, Frédéric Malle, Jouany Perfumes, Tokyo Milk, Diptyque, Kilian, Serge Lutens, Comme des Garcons, Byredo, Costume National, Molton Brown, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Library of Flowers, Yosh or Nest head to Barneys New York at the Venetian, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue at Fashion Show Mall or Skins 6|2 Cosmetics at Cosmopolitan.

Wedding Perfumes | Little Vegas Wedding

While Perfume Shopping
While shopping, do not feel pressured to “smell the coffee beans.” As you sniff more and more scents, your olfactory glands will naturally tire, and regardless of what you smell, only time will reset your ability to sniff. The beans trick just buys the clerk more time to sell to you. Take a little walk then return if you find your sense of smell is fatiguing, which typically occurs after three or four scents. You might also ask for a sample to see how it wears over the day. Perfume shopping should be fun, not tiring, so go with some friends as a pre-wedding outing, and definitely try out the showy Frédéric Malle scent chamber at Barneys New York at Palazzo! More great perfume shopping tips here.

Getting ready bridal photos by The Emerics include the compulsory shoe and scent shot

Pre-wedding bridal photos by The Emerics include the compulsory shoe and scent shots!

How to Wear Perfume
When applying, consider spraying a bit in your hair before you see your hairstylist so when you finally take your wedding hairstyle out late that night, you will get a little bit of the scent in it. In addition to the base of the neck and wrists, also may also like to target sprays behind each knee, in the elbow or in your décolletage. As scents can sometimes stain fabric, it is not recommended to spray it on your dress, or spray a cloud which you “walk through.” If they’re around, be sure your photographer gets a photo of the bottle while you get ready! Get more tips on perfume application from Now Smell This.

Wedding Perfumes | Little Vegas Wedding

Need More Perfume Help?
I cannot recommend Now Smell This enough as someone who is just learning more about perfumes. This excellent blog provides all sorts of helpful information including scent reviews, a perfume glossary, information on perfume concentrations, suggestions for the groom if you are searching for a gift, and even personalized recommendations for readers on Mondays.

Have fun finding your perfect wedding day perfume! (PS: My wedding day scent? Citron de Vigne by Fresh, but these days I would likely go with Féminité du Bois by Serge Lutens)

Special thanks and note goes to three sources for this post, especially the mini-guide to perfume shopping in Las Vegas: Julia’s great overview of different places to buy scents in Las VegasYour Perfume Guide’s frequently updated Vegas shopping list and my husband, who all helped. And of course, many thanks to Now Smell This writer Angela Sanders for her expertise in this month long wedding perfume series!

Pick Your Perfume, Part Three: Luxury Vegas Strip Hotel Wedding

The Little Vegas Wedding wedding perfume series continues today, with Angela Sanders, a writer at the perfume blog Now Smell This guiding us.

Previous posts suggested perfumes perfect for a nature-inspired wedding in the desert, and scents made for a classic Vegas chapel wedding. But today Angela shares three perfumes suited for a luxurious Vegas resort casino wedding. Those having modern in-suite weddings and chic little elopements should take note!

— — — — — —Perfumes for a Luxury Vegas Wedding | Little Vegas Wedding

Hey, this is your day to be princess. Kate Middleton and Will would be put to shame by the hand-tatted Belgian lace on your dress and the opulence of the quail eggs with caviar at the reception. You need a fragrance that swoons with passion and luxury. Here’s what I propose:

Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower: Carnal Flower is the ne plus ultra of narcotic tuberose and gardenia. Its green edge keeps it from going over-the-top—but just barely. Plus, Carnal Flower wears like iron. Put it on after breakfast, and you’ll still catch wafts as you dance at midnight. [Read a full review of Carnal Flower]

Christian Dior Diorissimo: If your brand of class is more elegant than voluptuous, Diorissimo’s haunting ode to lilies of the valley, created in 1956, might be just the thing to wear as you start a new life. It was one of Princess Diana’s favorites. [Read a full review of Diorissimo]

Elie Saab Le Parfum: This one is for the modern traditionalist. Le Parfum takes orange flower—a universal symbol of purity and favorite of brides—and twists it until it sings arias in coloratura soprano. Somehow Le Parfum manages to be both innocent and breathlessly racy. [Read a full review of Elie Saab Le Perfum]

— — — — — —

Be sure to come back next Wednesday for the finale of Pick Your Perfume to get tips on where to shop for perfumes in Las Vegas and how to get extra long wear on your wedding day from your new scent. You may also read Angela’s previous guestposts in this series.

Angela Sanders has been writing for the popular perfume blog Now Smell This since 2006. The Lanvin Murders, her mystery novel featuring a vintage clothing store owner, will debut in June 2014.

Pick Your Perfume, Part Two: Vegas Chapel Wedding

Our wedding perfume series continues today with Angela Sanders, a writer at the perfume blog Now Smell This here to guide us.

Previously in the series we’ve gotten suggestions for a desert wedding, but today covers three perfumes for a classic Vegas chapel wedding. Not cheesy or cloying, these are sure to help you remember your day. Intrigued? Read on!

— — — — — —Perfumes for a Vegas Chapel Wedding | Little Vegas Wedding

You’ve watched the Rat Pack movies and scored a vintage Pucci mini-dress. Your best friends are waiting at the airport to fly to Las Vegas. (If only the old Sands were still open!) Sure, you want a wedding full of wit and fun, but that doesn’t mean you want a trashy fragrance. Well, maybe good trashy. Try these:

Neela Vermeire Bombay Bling: If you have the cash to spare, nothing says penthouse party better than Bombay Bling. Yet, the fragrance is complex, crafted from topnotch materials, and created by superstar nose Bertrand Duchaufour. [Read a full review of Bombay Bling]

Rochas Tocade / Prada Candy: Tocade is a confection of rose and vanilla that smells at once simple and inventive and delicious. Your guests, as they lean in to kiss you, will say something about how good you smell—you can count on it. You may have trouble finding Tocade in stores, but it’s a bargain online. Prada Candy steps in to cover the same “classy candy” territory, but not with as much romance. [Read full reviews of Tocade and Prada Candy]

Guerlain Nahéma: Nahéma is a lush—almost psychedelically so—mix of overripe peach and July roses made by one of the most respected perfume houses in the world. You might end up addicted to it. Nahéma has good street cred, too: it’s Shirley Manson’s (of the band Garbage) favorite. [Read a full review of Nahéma]

— — — — — —

You may catch up on all of Angela’s guest posts in the Vegas wedding perfume series.

Angela Sanders has been writing for the popular perfume blog Now Smell This since 2006. The Lanvin Murders, her mystery novel featuring a vintage clothing store owner, will debut in June 2014.

Pick Your Perfume, Part One: A Desert Wedding

To me, perfume is about memories, and there are very few days in our lives that are as memorable as a wedding day. So why not enhance those memories by choosing a scent which will trigger a sweet revisitation of your wedding day every time you (or your mate) smells it? You might already have a signature scent, but this is a great occasion to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

But, where to start? To answer this question I turned to Angela Sanders, a writer at the fabulous Now Smell This perfume blog to assist Little Vegas Wedding readers as they consider wedding day perfumes. Each Wednesday for the next month Angela will be recommending three perfumes for three unique Las Vegas wedding venues, using her expert knowledge in scents. The mini-series will close out with a post of general tips, including where to go perfume shopping in Las Vegas.

Today, Angela’s posts start with what perfume you might wear to a boho wedding in the desert at sunset, surrounded by the warmth of your closest friends.

— — — — — —

Your wedding dress is in the closet and invitations are in the mail. The only question remaining is what perfume to wear.

I believe a fragrance should not only suit the person who wears it, but should complement with the mood of the day. After all, you wouldn’t dab on the same scent to attend the Indy 500 as you would for a Chanel runway show, right? With that in mind, I’ll be sharing three wedding scenarios, each with three perfume possibilities over the next three weeks. Today’s suggestions are for a desert wedding. 

Perfumes for a Desert Wedding | Little Vegas Wedding

For you, your wedding is all about the experience. You want to smell the desert sagebrush at night and stay up late while your fiancé’s best friend, the chef, makes paella on the fire for dinner for your friends who have pitched tents nearby. For your honeymoon, you’re driving a Volkswagen Bus across the Mojave. Here are a few perfumes that will stamp your spirit on the day:

Vero Profumo Rubj Eau de Parfum: Rubj (pronounced “ruby”) features orange flower, but thick and laced with something that hints at a naughty interlude spent in the tent sometime before the wedding bonfire. The daring among you might want to sample Vero Profumo Onda for the honeymoon. [Read full reviews of Rubj and Onda]

Aftelier Sepia: Mandy Aftel, based in Berkeley, makes all of her fragrances from natural materials. She doesn’t chase market share but relies on the originality of her compositions to draw true fans. Sepia was based on her memory of a ghost town—old wood, the desert, an almost sweet and evocative decay. [Read a full review of Sepia]

Guerlain Jicky: Here’s one for both you and your honey. Jicky is bright with lavender, warm with amber, and intriguingly fetid with civet. Remember artist Francis Bacon’s quote, “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness”? That’s Jicky. [Read a full review of Jicky]

— — — — — —

Be sure to come back next Wednesday to read Angela’s scent suggestions for a classic Vegas chapel wedding!

Angela Sanders has been writing for the popular perfume blog Now Smell This since 2006. The Lanvin Murders, her mystery novel featuring a vintage clothing store owner, will debut in June 2014.