How To: Upgrade Your Vegas Wedding (For Free!)

Free Stuff for your Vegas Wedding | Little Vegas Weddin

A common question I get is what kind of upgrades and freebies you can expect to get if you are having your wedding in Las Vegas. The answer (as always) is: it depends.

It depends on the time of year, how vocal you are about your wedding, how friendly you are, how conscientious the person you are dealing with is, how much you tip, availability of what you are requesting is etc., and so on. But here is a list of some things other couples have received.

Walk the Strip and visit the casinos after the wedding (leave your wedding attire on) you’ll be surprised on the amount of people that buy you drinks. – Andy H

Free glass of Champagne at Scarpetta at Cosmopolitan the night we got engaged! – Allison D

The Mandarin Oriental includes a free two-night stay with their wedding packages (in their bridal suite: gorgeous!) My husband and I also found that you get a lot of free Champagne from restaurants when you tell them you just got married! Hahaha! – Kaitlyn A

Upgraded to an Emperors Suite at Caesars Palace (but only because they made some errors.) – Mara F

At Venetian, we got a free suite upgrade, but I think it had more to do with the hotel being super full, not the wedding dress I was holding. – Kelly, Little Vegas Wedding editor

I posted a question about flying with my wedding gown on JetBlue’s Facebook page. Two hours later I got a call from them and they upgraded us to Even More Space and Speed seats for free! So cool! – Allison D.

A free appetizer at Gordon Ramsay Steak inside Paris hotel. Highly recommended! – Claire M

We got an upgrade to a corner two-bedroom suite with a Strip view at Mandalay Bay. I just emailed the front desk manager a month before we arrived. – Danny Z

Just a free bottle of Champagne. – Melinda M

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce will give you any tour guide info, magazines, little goodies like magnets, mints, etc. if you email them! I used these items for my welcome bags for my wedding guests! – Kaitlyn A

To increase your chances of getting an upgrade or something free due to your wedding, here is some advice.

  • Wear your wedding attire! Even if you’re eloping, wear your wedding outfits as long as possible because it’s the most obvious sign that you just got hitched.
  • Tell people. Not in a snotty “what can you give me?” way, but in a casual, “I’m really excited, we’re here to get married!” way and you might find yourself with free drinks, suite upgrades, a free spa visit or better table at the restaurant.
  • Research the $20 trick, if you are angling for a suite upgrade.
  • Call ahead. Call the hotel manager, concierge, restaurant host, transportation company, etc., ahead of time and let them know you are coming for a special reason. You might find yourself riding in a town car instead of a regular car, or have  surprise waiting for you.
  • Of course there are a lot of cool free things to try in Las Vegas anyways. Here are some for you and your guests to check out at Vital Vegas. (There are more suggestions if you search “free stuff.”)

Photo: Kristin Long Photography